New York 1810 Assembly, New York County

Assembly (State)
New York 1810 Assembly, New York County
New York
First Ballot
John Vanderbilt, Jr., Thomas Carpenter, Isaac Sebring, Robert Bogardus, John Gelston, Solomon Townsend, Thomas Farmar, Nathan Sanford, Jonas Mapes, Thomas R. Mercein, Samuel Lawrence, Caleb Pell, Samuel Jones, Jr., Robert Chesebrough, Isaac S. Douglass, Isaac Stoutenburgh, Samuel M. Hopkins, Beekman M. Van Buren, Ichabod Prall, Gerard Steddiford, Adrian Hegeman, Robert Swanton
Candidates: John Vanderbilt, Jr.[1]Thomas Carpenter[2]Isaac Sebring[3]Robert Bogardus[4]John Gelston[5]Solomon Townsend[6]Thomas Farmar[7]Nathan Sanford[8]Jonas Mapes[9]Thomas R. Mercein[10]Samuel Lawrence[11]Caleb PellSamuel Jones, Jr.Robert ChesebroughIsaac S. DouglassIsaac StoutenburghSamuel M. HopkinsBeekman M. Van BurenIchabod PrallGerard SteddifordAdrian HegemanRobert Swanton
Final Result: [12][13][14][15]5323530853045279527952765274527452685265526252595258525352505250524652435231522751985077
New York County5323530853045279527952765274527452685265526252595258525352505250524652435231522751985077
City of New York5323530853045279527952765274527452685265526252595258525352505250524652435231522751985077
Ward One637632639631359359356361626630360351626625625626623352354354348338
Ward Two579577575568358356356358562565361354563565558565558351356356352328
Ward Three528529526524407413409405523524401410517518518515518409397397393379
Ward Four606606604609578578589579602599575574600600596597599576570575571551
Ward Five744739737735963961963962734732961959733732734729731958955960951933
Ward Six519519516515581581581581516516579581516514518515516580578572570563
Ward Seven567567567570696692694694565565692695567565566565556694690686685674
Ward Eight411410409410537536526537410408537537407407407408408529535529533527
Ward Nine175174175161139136136135172175135134176175175176173134135134136133
Ward Ten557555556556661664664662558551661664553552553554554660661664659651


[12]The following 7 issues of newspapers, the New-York Evening Post (New York, NY) of April 30, the American Citizen (New York, NY) and the Commercial Adverister both of May 1, the New-York Herald (New York, NY) of May 2, The Columbian (New York, NY) of May 2 and May 5, and the New-York Spectator (New York, NY) of May 5, all list the same vote numbers by Ward for all of the candidates. However, these 7 sources all list Thomas Carpenter with 5306 total votes, Solomon Townsend with 5278 total votes, Thomas Farmer with 5275 total votes and Nathan Sandford with 5275 total votes, but the ward totals that they list actually add up to 5308, 5276, 5274 and 5274 for these candidates respectively.
[13]The New-York Evening Post (New York, NY) of April 28 and the Public Advertiser of April 30 list matching vote totals that are slightly different from those listed in other issues of newspapers, for 12 out of the 22 candidates, and 10 of those candidates have 1 Ward total that varies slightly from those listed in the other sources.
[14]The Columbian (New York, NY) of April 28 and The Albany Register (Albany, NY) of May 1 list matching votes totals, without separate listings by Ward, and 13 of those vote totals vary from the vote totals listed by the other issues of newspapers.
[15]The Columbian (New York, NY) of April 28 and The Albany Register (Albany, NY) of May 1 list Robert Chesebrough as Robert Cheesebrough and Isaac S. Douglass as Isaac S. Douglas.


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