New Hampshire 1822 State Senate, District 12

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New Hampshire 1822 State Senate, District 12
New Hampshire
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Arthur Livermore, Adine N. Brackett, William Lovejoy, Joseph Bell, Moses P. Payson, Nehemiah Eastman
Candidates: Arthur Livermore[1]Adine N. BrackettWilliam LovejoyJoseph BellMoses P. PaysonNehemiah Eastman
Final Result: 278024161031
District of Twelve278024161031
Coos County7722413---
Town of Adams64-----
Town of Bartlett85-----
Town of Chatham51-----
Town of Colebrook74-2---
Town of Columbia54-----
Town of Dalton53-----
Town of Jefferson42-----
Town of Lancaster712410---
Town of Northumberland54-----
Town of Percy25-----
Town of Sherburne[2]45-----
Town of Stewartstown54-----
Town of Stratford51-----
Town of Whitefield49-1---
Grafton County1792-3103-
Town of Bath164-----
Town of Bethlehem83-----
Town of Bridgewater110-----
Town of Campton73--103-
Town of Concord[3]------
Town of Coventry29-----
Town of Ellsworth40-----
Town of Franconia652----
Town of Haverhill198-----
Town of Holderness137-----
Town of Landaff1301----
Town of Littleton125-----
Town of Lyman109-----
Town of Peeling39-----
Town of Piermont[4]132-----
Town of Plymouth139-----
Town of Thornton120-----
Town of Warren99-----
Strafford County216----1
Town of Burton36-----
Town of Conway180----1


[2]"Not declared in open town meeting." Original Election Returns.
[3]There were no votes recorded in Concord.
[4]"Not certified - no returns." Original Election Returns.


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