New Hampshire 1814 Governor

Governor (State)
New Hampshire 1814 Governor
New Hampshire
First Ballot
John T. Gilman, William Plumer, John Langdon, Jeremiah Smith, Timothy Farrar, John Goddard, Levi Bartlett, Josiah Bartlett, Samuel Dale, Moses Gurish, 2nd, Allen Hacket, Daniel Hussy, Jeremiah Mason, George Phipps, Cuniel Titts, John Voss, scattering
Candidates: John T. GilmanWilliam PlumerJohn LangdonJeremiah SmithTimothy FarrarJohn GoddardLevi BartlettJosiah BartlettSamuel DaleMoses Gurish, 2ndAllen HacketDaniel HussyJeremiah MasonGeorge PhippsCuniel TittsJohn Vossscattering
Final Result: 1984219238664321111111112
Cheshire County47313197--2-----------1
Town of Acworth133141---------------
Town of Alstead207112---------------
Town of Charlestown25548---------------
Town of Chesterfield219107---------------
Town of Claremont188104---------------
Town of Cornish316102---------------
Town of Croydon8070---------------
Town of Dublin16159---------------
Town of Fitzwilliam17073---------------
Town of Gilsum5242---------------
Town of Goshen5554---------------
Town of Hinsdale9232---------------
Town of Jaffrey22447--------------1
Town of Keene27046--2------------
Town of Langdon5860---------------
Town of Lempster9159---------------
Town of Marlborough18715---------------
Town of Marlow1790---------------
Town of Nelson14727---------------
Town of New Grantham38122---------------
Town of Newport23460---------------
Town of Plainfield149158---------------
Town of Richmond12214---------------
Town of Rindge19742---------------
Town of Roxbury639---------------
Town of Springfield29119---------------
Town of Stoddard92119---------------
Town of Sullivan9514---------------
Town of Surry6836---------------
Town of Swanzey99200---------------
Town of Unity42185---------------
Town of Walpole240145---------------
Town of Washington36138---------------
Town of Wendell1395---------------
Town of Westmoreland204178---------------
Town of Winchester19875---------------
Coos County266351---------------
Town of Adams-42---------------
Town of Bartlett474---------------
Town of Chatham736---------------
Town of Colebrook3823---------------
Town of Columbia257---------------
Town of Dalton208---------------
Town of Jefferson734---------------
Town of Lancaster9129---------------
Town of Northumberland376---------------
Town of Percy2112---------------
Town of Stewartstown735---------------
Town of Stratford639---------------
Town of Whitefield36---------------
Grafton County32291952-----1--------1
Town of Alexandria6429---------------
Town of Bath18654---------------
Town of Bethlehem3425---------------
Town of Bridgewater11479---------------
Town of Campton15120---------------
Town of Canaan15749---------------
Town of Concord5999---------------
Town of Coventry3121---------------
Town of Danbury4813---------------
Town of Dorchester6423--------------1
Town of Ellsworth31----------------
Town of Enfield57139---------------
Town of Franconia3350-----1---------
Town of Grafton9897---------------
Town of Groton6145---------------
Town of Hanover31179---------------
Town of Haverhill12973---------------
Town of Hebron5152---------------
Town of Landaff5650---------------
Town of Lebanon213115---------------
Town of Lincoln-14---------------
Town of Littleton12019---------------
Town of Lyman9183---------------
Town of Lyme27645---------------
Town of New Chester8297---------------
Town of New Holderness10564---------------
Town of Orange2411---------------
Town of Orford16374---------------
Town of Peeling1327---------------
Town of Piermont70101---------------
Town of Plymouth11638---------------
Town of Rumney6471---------------
Town of Thornton12522---------------
Town of Warren1677---------------
Town of Wentworth1697---------------
Hillsborough County35795235---3--11-----1-
Town of Amherst159173---------------
Town of Andover116126---------------
Town of Antrim43198---------------
Town of Bedford16070---------------
Town of Boscawen22891-------1-------
Town of Bradford8496---------------
Town of Brookline1681---------------
Town of Deering47196---------------
Town of Dunbarton108116---------------
Town of Dunstable9663---------------
Town of Fishersfield1089---------------
Town of Francestown82170---------------
Town of Goffstown63242---------------
Town of Greenfield44143---------------
Town of Hancock27210---------------
Town of Henniker126203---------------
Town of Hillsborough[1]60267---------------
Town of Hollis169105---------------
Town of Hopkinton158238---------------
Kearsage Gore518---------------
Town of Litchfield6420---------------
Town of Lyndeborough46169---1-----------
Town of Manchester4966---------------
Town of Mason97116---------------
Town of Merrimack89107---------------
Town of Milford14180------1--------
Town of Mont Vernon34124---------------
Town of New Boston60196---------------
Town of New Ipswich18141---------------
Town of New London7552---------------
Town of Nottingham West13683---------------
Town of Peterborough152115---------------
Town of Salisbury208159---2-----------
Town of Sharon2436---------------
Town of Society Land222---------------
Town of Sutton16221-------------1-
Town of Temple10527---------------
Town of Warner82232---------------
Town of Weare125278---------------
Town of Wilmot2155---------------
Town of Wilton65104---------------
Town of Windsor637---------------
Rockingham County45154825662-2-----111--
Town of Allenstown2145---------------
Town of Atkinson3369---------------
Town of Bow42117---------------
Town of Brentwood13242---------------
Town of Candia139105---------------
Town of Canterbury1171121--------------
Town of Chester211175---------------
Town of Chichester48122---------------
Town of Concord279197--1------------
Town of Deerfield86281-6-------------
Town of East Kingston2946---------------
Town of Epping14391---------------
Town of Epsom30211---------------
Town of Exeter23186---------------
Town of Greenland4667---------------
Town of Hampstead7486----------1----
Town of Hampton11578---------------
Town of Hampton Falls8515---------------
Town of Hawke2851---------------
Town of Kensington7255---------------
Town of Kingston[2]8972----2----------
Town of Londonderry43482------------1--
Town of Loudon1711251--------------
Town of New Castle481---------------
Town of Newington1185---------------
Town of Newmarket52144---------------
Town of Newton[3]1862---------------
Town of North Hampton6182---------------
Town of Northfield48142---------------
Town of Northwood12488---------------
Town of Nottingham7897---------------
Town of Pelham11182---------------
Town of Pembroke167771--------------
Town of Pittsfield11286---------------
Town of Plaistow2761---------------
Town of Poplin5525---------------
Town of Portsmouth4197102-1--------1---
Town of Raymond7593---------------
Town of Rye11189---------------
Town of Salem145105---------------
Town of Sandown4456---------------
Town of Seabrook10526---------------
Town of South Hampton15541--------------
Town of Stratham40124---------------
Town of Windham13826---------------
Strafford County35223678--------11-----
Town of Alton15263---------------
Town of Barnstead84174---------------
Town of Barrington404142---------------
Town of Brookfield6240---------------
Town of Burton-23---------------
Town of Center Harbor[4]3343---------------
Town of Conway66129---------------
Town of Dover176192---------------
Town of Durham83132---------------
Town of Eaton8125---------------
Town of Effingham46110---------------
Town of Farmington45157---------------
Town of Gilford116134---------------
Town of Gilmantown301242--------1------
Town of Lee32140---------------
Town of Madbury6136---------------
Town of Meredith176153---------------
Town of Middleton4821---------------
Town of Milton10272---------------
Town of Moultonborough105100---------------
Town of New Durham10451---------------
Town of New Hampton133100---------------
Town of Ossipee67150---------------
Ossipee Gore137---------------
Town of Rochester99234---------1-----
Town of Sanbornton329226---------------
Town of Sandwich178184---------------
Town of Somersworth11830---------------
Town of Tamworth16551---------------
Town of Tuftonboro20137---------------
Town of Wakefield13188---------------
Town of Wolfeboro65192---------------


[1]"Rec'd May 15th." Original Election Returns.
[2]"Rec'd out of season." Original Election Returns.
[3]"Rec'd out of season." Original Election Returns.
[4]William Plumer received 43 votes as John Plumer.


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handwritten notes
Phil's original notebook pages that were used to compile this election. These notes are considered a draft of the electronic version. Therefore, the numbers may not match. To verify numbers you will need to check the original sources cited. Some original source material is available at the American Antiquarian Society).
handwritten notes
Phil's original notebook pages that were used to compile this election. These notes are considered a draft of the electronic version. Therefore, the numbers may not match. To verify numbers you will need to check the original sources cited. Some original source material is available at the American Antiquarian Society).

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