New York 1811 Speaker of the Assembly, Special

Speaker of the Assembly (State)
Speaker of the Assembly
New York 1811 Speaker of the Assembly, Special
New York
First Ballot
Speaker of the Assembly/Speaker of the Assembly
William Ross, Samuel A. Barker, scattering
Candidates: William Ross[1]Samuel A. Barkerscattering
Final Result: 65247


[2]"Extract - from Albany, Feb. 12. The indisposition of Mr. Sanford rendered the selection of another member of the assembly to the station of speaker necessary. After some desultory debate as to the manner in which this should be conducted, as whether it should be pro tem or otherwise, it eventuated in the choice of William Ross, esq. of Orange county, who was inducted into the chair immediately...The business of the house is progressing, and much business is before them. Mr. Sanford's health I consider pretty much as it has been for some time past. The arduous duties of speaker are certainly much too laborious for his constitutional health. This was my opinion in the beginning of the session, and it is confirmed unfortunately by experience." The Columbian (New York, NY). February 15, 1811.
[3]"NEW SPEAKER - This day the house again met but found themselves without a Speaker, Mr. Sanford being still too much indisposed to attend - A resolution was moved and passed to ballot for a new Speaker." New-York Herald (New York, NY). February 16, 1811.


The Columbian (New York, NY). February 15, 1811.
New-York Herald (New York, NY). February 16, 1811.
The True American and Commercial Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA). February 18, 1811.

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