New York 1808 Assembly, Greene County

Assembly (State)
New York 1808 Assembly, Greene County
New York
First Ballot
James Gale, Eliakim Reed, Daniel Sayre, Thomas E. Barker, William Van Bergen, Munson Buel
Candidates: James Gale[1]Eliakim Reed[2]Daniel SayreThomas E. BarkerWilliam Van BergenMunson Buel
Final Result: [3][4]11071103744701134111
Greene County11071103744701134111
Town of Canton907154523112
Town of Catskill2302301281279087
Town of Coxsackie246249173169107
Town of Durham21021494105--
Town of Greenfield126137114721-
Town of Windham20520218117625


[3]"To the Republicans of the county of Greene: The election is now over, but it may not be improper to call your attention to a review of what has past; it will afford a useful lesson for the future, and will teach you hereafter to guard against the nefarious conduct of those, who to aid the cause of federalism, did all in their power to distract and divide the republican party...To the quid address eleven names are affixed as a committee of correspondence...This committee compose all the leaders, and not a few of the privates of the party. They pretend to be republicans, and denounce their opponents as a factious junto, or an interested little band. They pretend to feel deeply the necessity of selecting firm and correct republicans for our representatives, and attempted to cast odium on the nomination of Judge Barker, because he had not always been a republican...--was ever hypocrisy more vile, or impudence more consummate than for these men to pretend to be republicans." American Citizen (New York, NY). May 10, 1808.
[4]The term Quid was used to describe virtually any dissident group of Republicans.


Catskill Recorder (Catskill, NY). May 4, 1808.
American Citizen (New York, NY). May 10, 1808.
Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY). May 13, 1808.

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