New York 1817 Assembly, New York County

Assembly (State)
New York 1817 Assembly, New York County
New York
First Ballot
Cadwallader D. Colden, John Morss, Henry Meigs, Peter Sharpe, Robert R. Hunter, Isaac Pierson, Samuel Tooker, Michael Ulshoeffer, Ogden Edwards, Cornelius Heeney, Clarkson Crolius, Joseph Smith, Matthew L. Davis, Gurdon S. Mumford, Robert Bogardus, William Jones, Thomas Addis Emmet, S. P. Lemoine, William W. Gilbert, William Sampson
Candidates: Cadwallader D. ColdenJohn MorssHenry MeigsPeter SharpeRobert R. HunterIsaac PiersonSamuel TookerMichael UlshoefferOgden EdwardsCornelius HeeneyClarkson CroliusJoseph SmithMatthew L. DavisGurdon S. MumfordRobert BogardusWilliam JonesThomas Addis EmmetS. P. LemoineWilliam W. GilbertWilliam Sampson
Final Result: [1][2][3][4]61636124421541954175416041524058373436503647248824162272216421601993198119581817
New York County61636124421541954175416041524058373436503647248824162272216421601993198119581817
City of New York61636124421541954175416041524058373436503647248824162272216421601993198119581817
Ward One470440321312305311313284278265253195176181183155171129127114
Ward Two36436624222922423523221314616912624817915815515112711611895
Ward Three458465282284283278279267269219258210169218206208190184168171
Ward Four623531368385367376371358354333348287194300251271227240239209
Ward Five772787636619624609609606618553582210176202199186165169169149
Ward Six[5]876892524520523516516513436496520364401392371381367378367353
Ward Seven717723556556556550549555414553414312272172175166162165165160
Ward Eight50952141341341441041041441332831911224711311411110310110096
Ward Nine432437223225227223223201218219214220203216212212202207201198
Ward Ten942962650652652652650647588515613330399320298319279292304272


[1]The New York Columbian lists the party affilication of the Republican candidiates as Martling Candidates. The term Martling is another name given to the New York City faction of Republicans known as Tammany Hall. They went by various names throughout history and on this occasion where called Martling, because they were meeting at the establishment of Abraham 'Brom' Martling. For many years this is where they would meet, discuss politics and make their nominations [if any] for office.
[2]The New-York Spectator (New York, NY) lists vote total for Henry Meigs as 4225 votes for Henry Heigs, though the ward votes given add up to 4215.
[3]The New-York Spectator (New York, NY) lists vote total for William Jones as 2157 votes for William Jones, though the ward votes given add up to 2160.
[4]The National Advocate and The New-York Evening Post (New York, NY) list vote totals as: Cadwallader D. Colden 6166, Henry Meigs 4210, Peter Sharpe 4181, Robert R. Hunter 4176, Isaac Pierson 4128, Michael Ulshoeffer 4178, Ogden Edwards 3868, Cornelius Heeney 3653, Joseph Smith 2153, Matthew L. Davis 2410, Gurdon S. Mumford 2273, Robert Bogardus 2238, William Jones 2161, S. P. Lemoine 1993, William W. Gilbert 1954, and William Sampson 1819
[5]The New York Columbian lists 529 votes for Peter Sharpe.


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