New York 1821 Constitutional Convention, Cattaraugus, Chautauque, Erie and Niagara Counties

Constitutional Convention (State)
Convention Delegate
New York 1821 Constitutional Convention, Cattaraugus, Chautauque, Erie and Niagara Counties
New York
First Ballot
Constitutional Convention/Convention Delegate
Augustus Porter, Samuel Russell, Joseph W. Moulton, Matthew Prendergast, Philo Orton, Sheldon Smith, Calvin Filmore, Ebenezer Johnson, Daniel G. Garnsey, John Crane, Jacob Houghton, James Mullett, Samuel A. Brown, Jonathan Sprague, Benjamin Perry, Daniel D. Tompkins, DeWitt Clinton, John French, James Neal, Amos K. Pake, Jr., Jack Prendergast, Uncle Sam, Robert W. Mahan
Candidates: Augustus Porter[1]Samuel Russell[2]Joseph W. MoultonMatthew PrendergastPhilo OrtonSheldon SmithCalvin FilmoreEbenezer JohnsonDaniel G. GarnseyJohn CraneJacob HoughtonJames MullettSamuel A. BrownJonathan SpragueBenjamin PerryDaniel D. TompkinsDeWitt ClintonJohn FrenchJames NealAmos K. Pake, Jr.Jack PrendergastUncle SamRobert W. Mahan
Final Result: -----------------------
District of Cattaraugus, Chautauque, Erie and Niagara-----------------------
Cattaraugus County-----------------------
Chautauque County642719115473924-201242111111111111
Town of Chautauque[3]53593133-1-----------------
Town of Clymer3838---------------------
Town of Ellery7178211-------------------
Town of Ellicott2136---22--1--------------
Town of Gerry4263-----20---------------
Town of Hanover1371435--------1-----------
Town of Harmony315143---------1----------
Town of Pomfret12312111-91--112--111111111-
Town of Portland737621120------------------
Town of Ripley333322------------------1
Town of Stockton2021--10---103-------------
Erie County-----------------------
Niagara County[4]14801435793---23----------------
Town of Amherst822464--------------------
Town of Aurora152127--------------------
Town of Boston233328---23----------------
Town of Buffalo159135140--------------------
Town of Cambria1161162--------------------
Town of Clarence236208101--------------------
Town of Collins305723--------------------
Town of Concord233923--------------------
Town of Eden353535--------------------
Town of Evans32321--------------------
Town of Hamburgh12814245--------------------
Town of Hartland576745--------------------
Town of Holland8890---------------------
Town of Lewiston1238616--------------------
Town of Niagara76659--------------------
Town of Porter605427--------------------
Town of Royalton849249--------------------
Town of Sardinia368046--------------------
Town of Wales192179--------------------
Town of Wilson583833--------------------


[3]Joseph W. Moulton received 22 votes as Joseph Moulton.
[4]The Republican Press lists the totals as 1460 votes for Augustus Porter and 1423 votes for Samuel Russel, but the town totals add up to 1480 and 1435.


Original Election Returns.
The Republican Press (Buffalo, NY). July 3, 1821.

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