New Hampshire 1815 Governor's Council, Hillsborough County

Governor's Council (State)
Governor's Councillor
New Hampshire 1815 Governor's Council, Hillsborough County
New Hampshire
First Ballot
Governor's Council/Governor's Councillor
Benjamin Pierce, John Orr, D. Lellarill, J. Hulbert, Robert Means
Candidates: Benjamin Pierce[1]John OrrD. LellarillJ. HulbertRobert Means
Final Result: [2]49553431211
Hillsborough County49553431211
Town of Amherst164170---
Town of Andover134141---
Town of Antrim18447--1
Town of Bedford62163---
Town of Boscawen110209---
Town of Bradford10268---
Town of Brookline8316---
Town of Deering18341---
Town of Dunbarton113105---
Town of Dunstable68105---
Town of Fishersfield9014---
Town of Francestown19673---
Town of Goffstown22354---
Town of Greenfield13050---
Town of Hancock19329---
Town of Henniker170114---
Town of Hillsborough16950---
Town of Hollis110157---
Town of Hopkinton2321512--
Kearsage Gore173---
Town of Litchfield1564---
Town of Lyndeborough16546---
Town of Manchester7228---
Town of Mason10894---
Town of Merrimack10491---
Town of Milford70137---
Town of Mont Vernon11436---
Town of New Boston20056---
Town of New Ipswich34183---
Town of New London5272---
Town of Nottingham West86121---
Town of Peterborough106157---
Town of Salisbury146184---
Town of Sharon3818---
Town of Society Land202---
Town of Sutton2017---
Town of Temple32103---
Town of Warner22970---
Town of Weare23494-1-
Town of Wilmot5423---
Town of Wilton10479---
Town of Windsor386---


[2]"The committee reported on the votes for Counsellors. Hillsborough. Whole number 8311: necessary to a choice 4156." New-Hampshire Patriot (Concord, NH). June 13, 1815.


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