New York 1805 Assembly, Saratoga County

Assembly (State)
New York 1805 Assembly, Saratoga County
New York
First Ballot
John MacClelland, John Cramer, Jesse Mott, Asahel Porter, David Rogers, Jeremy Rockwell, Chauncey Belding, Samuel Clark, Christopher Hewitt, John MacGill, James Cramer, Jeremiah Fuller, Salmon Child, John Hunter, James MacClelland, Ezra Mott, Elisha Powell, Ashbel Andrews, Jr., Samuel Belding, Uriah Benedict, Eliakim Benjamin, Nathan Bennet, Cramer, Eliud Davis, Luther Landen, Robert MacClelland, Edward Mott, Ezra Nash, Abel Porter, David Rogs, John Van Volkenburg, Everit Vandenburgh, Jr., John Veeder
Candidates: John MacClelland[1]John Cramer[2]Jesse Mott[3]Asahel Porter[4]David RogersJeremy RockwellChauncey BeldingSamuel ClarkChristopher HewittJohn MacGillJames CramerJeremiah FullerSalmon ChildJohn HunterJames MacClellandEzra MottElisha PowellAshbel Andrews, Jr.Samuel BeldingUriah BenedictEliakim BenjaminNathan BennetCramerEliud DavisLuther LandenRobert MacClellandEdward MottEzra NashAbel PorterDavid RogsJohn Van VolkenburgEverit Vandenburgh, Jr.John Veeder
Final Result: 13841252114291872467667174433232221111111111111111
Saratoga County13841252114291872467667174433232221111111111111111
Town of Ballston1161822801689122------------------1--1----
Town of Charlton16924231281321149-----------1--------------
Town of Galway[5]16617413265165477----3---------------------
Town of Greenfield[6][7][8][9][10][11]121106125182854577------51------------------1
Town of Hadley8670685715669--------------------------
Town of Halfmoon7918718761799842--------------------------
Town of Malta68412263461118-----222-21---1--1--------
Town of Milton[12]102969266698138-444----2---1--11--11-1---
Town of Moreau777872510722--------------------------
Town of Northfield455630-222343--------------------------
Town of Northumberland63896636174833--------------------------
Town of Providence68119118121428--------------------------
Town of Saratoga162129125495011141--------------------------
Town of Stillwater6265605115512-------------1---------11-


[5]Asahel Porter received 3 votes as Ashbel Porter.
[6]John Cramer received 3 votes as J. Cramer.
[7]David Rogers received 1 vote as D. Rogers.
[8]John MacClelland received 1 vote as J. MacClelland.
[9]Chauncey Belding received 1 vote as C. C. Belding.
[10]Jesse Mott received 1 vote as J. Mott.
[11]John Hunter received 1 vote as J. Hunter.
[12]Jeremy Rockwell received 3 votes as Jeremiah Rockwell.


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