Massachusetts 1801 U.S. House of Representatives, District Western 1, Ballot 2

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1801 U.S. House of Representatives, District Western 1, Ballot 2
Second Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
John Bacon, Ephraim Williams, William Walker, William Williams, Elisha Lee, David Rosseter, Henry Dwight, Thomas Ives, Ezra Starkweather, scattering
Candidates: John Bacon[1]Ephraim WilliamsWilliam WalkerWilliam WilliamsElisha LeeDavid RosseterHenry DwightThomas IvesEzra Starkweatherscattering
Final Result: [2]23841679215421119
District of Western One23841679215421119
Berkshire County226613002154211--
Town of Adams18219--------
Town of Alford3443--------
Town of Becket2154-3------
District of Bethlehem1027--------
Town of Chesire2103--------
Town of Dalton423110-------
Town of Egremont5224--------
Town of Great Barrington91561-------
Town of Hancock3233--------
Town of Lanesborough7795--------
Town of Lee43103--1-----
Town of Lenox1405--------
Town of Louden2927--------
Town of Mount Washington234--------
District of New Ashford387--------
Town of New Marlborough43151--------
Town of Partridgefield6088--------
Town of Pittsfield164492-2-----
Town of Richmond73382-------
Town of Sandisfield5749--------
Town of Sheffield114111-----1--
Town of Stockbridge9476----1---
Town of Tyringham11557-1------
Town of Washington8016-1------
Town of West Stockbridge8536--------
Town of Williamstown21245---2----
Town of Windsor61216-1-----
Hampshire County118379------19
Town of Charlemont1179--------
Town of Cummington3137------1-
Town of Hawley4106--------
District of Plainfield[3]828-------9
Town of Rowe1051--------
Town of Worthington5478--------


[2]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect for the U.S. House of Representatives. John Bacon did receive a majority in the general election held on November 3, 1800. However, the votes from Mount Washington and New Ashford were deemed improper and were rejected by the Governor's Council. This left Bacon short of a majority and a second election was required.
[3]The votes from Plainfield were not included in the Original Election Returns.


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