New York 1802 U.S. House of Representatives, District 12

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1802 U.S. House of Representatives, District 12
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
David Thomas, John Williams, Ebenezer Russell, Ebenezer Clark, David Hopkins, Edward Savage, Chancey Stuart, Starling Waters
Candidates: David Thomas[1]John WilliamsEbenezer RussellEbenezer ClarkDavid HopkinsEdward SavageChancey StuartStarling Waters
Final Result: 221812432041111
District of Twelve221812432041111
Washington County[2]221812432041111
Town of Argyle278157-1-1--
Town of Bolton4047-----1
Town of Cambridge259156------
Town of Chester4212------
Town of Easton11016------
Town of Fairfield376------
Town of Granville178143--1---
Town of Hampton5048------
Town of Hartford204506---1-
Town of Hebron202100-1----
Town of Kingsbury9763------
Town of Queensbury9616-2----
Town of Salem241190------
Town of Thurman7036------
Town of Westfield2422014-----
Town of Whitehall72183------


[2]The New-York Evening Post (New York, NY), May 15, 1802; The Albany Centinel (Albany, NY), May 11, 1802; the New-York Herald (New York, NY), May 19, 1802; The Albany Register (Albany, NY), May 7, 1802; the American Citizen (New York, NY) and General Advertiser (New York, NY), May 12, 1802; and the Northern Budget (Troy, NY), May 18, 1802, list 2208 votes for David Thomas in Washington county. The town totals given, though, add up to 2218.


Original Election Returns. Washington County Board of Supervisors, Fort Edward.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). May 7, 1802.
The Albany Centinel (Albany, NY). May 11, 1802.
American Citizen (New York, NY) and General Advertiser (New York, NY). May 12, 1802.
New-York Evening Post (New York, NY). May 15, 1802.
Northern Budget (Troy, NY). May 18, 1802.
New-York Herald (New York, NY). May 19, 1802.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). June 8, 1802.
New-York Evening Post (New York, NY). June 11, 1802.

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