New York 1808 Assembly, Washington County

Assembly (State)
New York 1808 Assembly, Washington County
New York
First Ballot
Kitchel Bishop, Roger Skinner, James Hill, Alexander Livingston, Reuben Whallon, Jonathan Dorr, Jacob Holmes, Michael Harris, Jonathan Mosher, Mathew Scott, Leoman Hall, Henry Mattison, Gideon Taft, James L. Hogeboom, James J. Van Alen, Casparus Bain, James Bishop, Reuben Bromley, Isaac Dorr, Asa Fitch, Reuben Hill, David Hopkins, Isaac Sargent, Henry Thorn, Nathan Wilson
Candidates: Kitchel BishopRoger SkinnerJames HillAlexander LivingstonReuben WhallonJonathan DorrJacob HolmesMichael HarrisJonathan MosherMathew ScottLeoman HallHenry MattisonGideon TaftJames L. HogeboomJames J. Van AlenCasparus BainJames BishopReuben BromleyIsaac DorrAsa FitchReuben HillDavid HopkinsIsaac SargentHenry ThornNathan Wilson
Final Result: [1][2]2395237323712371233817701763175817541748777221111111111
Washington County2395237323712371233817701763175817541748777221111111111
Town of Argyle155156155156157175174174173175-----1---------
Town of Bolton66666666665454535454---------------
Town of Cambridge211213217214211382381378377381---------------
Town of Chester777373737476646---------------
Town of Easton1621621621621619091899190----------1----
Town of Fairfield585858585833333---------------
Town of Granville207206203206202121123121121123--------1--1---
Town of Greenwich7572717867172172171172172-------1-------
Town of Hampton49494949491414141414---------------
Town of Hartford2162212192192176363636263---------------
Town of Hebron148148149148149151150150152150---11-1--1-----
Town of Johnsburg555655565611111---------------
Town of Kingsbury11710910610710610410410210396---------------
Town of Putnam114114487777777------------
Town of Queensbury107101103102936460606260---------------
Town of Rochester141414121246644---------------
Town of Salem209208209209207168165165166164---11-------1-1
Town of Thurman10610210210210244144---------------
Town of Westfield2492492482472474848574850-------------1-
Town of Whitehall103106101103100137137137136131---------------


[1]The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) and the Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY) report 2333 votes for Reuben Whallon in Washington County.
[2]The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) and the Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY) uses the name Whalton and the Lansingburgh Gazette uses the name Whalen for Reuben Whallon.


Original Election Returns.
The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY). May 12, 1808.
The Public Advertiser (New York, NY). May 14, 1808.
Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY). May 14, 1808.
Lansingburgh Gazette (Lansingburgh, NY). May 17, 1808.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). June 3, 1808.

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