Connecticut 1810 Council of Assistants, Nomination

Council of Assistants (State)
Connecticut 1810 Council of Assistants, Nomination
First Ballot
Council of Assistants/Councillor
Calvin Goddard, Theodore Dwight, Matthew Griswold, Frederick Wolcott, Stephen T. Hosmer, Henry Champion, Roger M. Sherman, Elizur Goodrich, Jonathan Brace, Judson Canfield, David Daggett, Shubael Griswold, Aaron Austin, Asa Champion, Jonathan Barnes, Asher Miller, Noah B. Benedict, Samuel W. Johnson, Daniel Putnam, William Perkins, Jabez Fitch, Walter Bradley, Daniel Tilden, Ebenezer Devotion, Joshua King, Hezekial Goodrich, Isaac Spencer, 2nd, Elijah House, Moses Seymour, John Welch, Moses Warren, Nicholl Fosdick, Enoch Burroughs, Nathaniel Perry, John T. Peters, Andrew Hull, Jr., Rufus Hitchcock, Eli Todd, Luther Loomis, Thomas Seymour
Candidates: Calvin Goddard[1]Theodore Dwight[2]Matthew Griswold[3]Frederick Wolcott[4]Stephen T. Hosmer[5]Henry Champion[6]Roger M. Sherman[7]Elizur Goodrich[8]Jonathan Brace[9]Judson Canfield[10]David Daggett[11]Shubael Griswold[12]Aaron Austin[13]Asa Champion[14]Jonathan Barnes[15]Asher Miller[16]Noah B. Benedict[17]Samuel W. Johnson[18]Daniel Putnam[19]William Perkins[20]Jabez FitchWalter BradleyDaniel TildenEbenezer DevotionJoshua KingHezekial GoodrichIsaac Spencer, 2ndElijah HouseMoses SeymourJohn WelchMoses WarrenNicholl FosdickEnoch BurroughsNathaniel PerryJohn T. PetersAndrew Hull, Jr.Rufus HitchcockEli ToddLuther LoomisThomas Seymour
Final Result: [21]8164804580158008798079677925788678677862772574677438730672907208707169226856647942434240423442284221421442104209419641874171415741434120409540614005386638523623
Fairfield County----------------------------------------
Hartford County----------------------------------------
City of East Windsor[22]190-------------------40-------------------
Litchfield County----------------------------------------
Middlesex County----------------------------------------
New Haven County----------------------------------------
City of New Haven[23]115---------------------------------------
New London County----------------------------------------
Tolland County----------------------------------------
Windham County----------------------------------------


[21]According to several newspapers, there was only limited Republican opposition in the Election for Assistants Nomination, and newspapers gave virtually no township results.
[22]"The votes here were 230, Federalist 190, Democratic 40. The meeting was very thin." Diary of Thomas Robbins, 451.
[23]"The meeting was uncommonly thin. The highest federal vote for Council was only 115; but not a single vote for the democratic ticket was given in." Connecticut Herald (New Haven, CT). September 18, 1810.


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