New Hampshire 1819 State Senate, District 12

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New Hampshire 1819 State Senate, District 12
New Hampshire
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Dan Young, Moses P. Payson, Obed Hall, Adinz N. Bracket, Richard Odell, Samuel Mann, S. P. Webster
Candidates: Dan Young[1]Moses P. PaysonObed HallAdinz N. BracketRichard OdellSamuel MannS. P. Webster
Final Result: [2]127010056314311
District of Twelve127010056314111
Coos County25710863141--
Town of Adams48------
Town of Bartlett1-38-1--
Town of Chatham31------
Town of Colebrook3220-----
Town of Columbia-18-----
Town of Dalton[3]-------
Town of Jefferson--425---
Town of Lancaster5027-14---
Town of Northumberland513-----
Town of Percy1210-----
Town of Stewartstown304-----
Town of Stratford308-----
Town of Whitefield184-----
Grafton County934883---11
Town of Bath36107-----
Town of Bethlehem[4]2227-----
Town of Bridgewater7168-----
Town of Campton23113-----
Town of Concord10214-----
Town of Coventry[5]-------
Town of Ellsworth920-----
Town of Franconia4512-----
Town of Haverhill9276-----
Town of Holderness6577-----
Town of Landaff8132---1-
Town of Littleton3472-----
Town of Lyman8734-----
Town of Peeling221-----
Town of Piermont8238----1
Town of Plymouth4492-----
Town of Thornton4296-----
Town of Warren774-----
Strafford County7914--2--
Town of Burton23------
Town of Conway5614--2--


[2]"Total 2308. Necessary for a choice 1155." Original Election Returns.
[3]"No return." Original Election Returns.
[4]The votes from Bethlehem were rejected.
[5]"No return." Original Election Returns.


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