Vermont 1808 U.S. House of Representatives, Southwest District

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Vermont 1808 U.S. House of Representatives, Southwest District
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Samuel Shaw, Chauncey Langdon, Nathan Robinson, Jonas Galusha, Israel Smith, Benjamin Swan, Jacob Galusha, Paul Brigham, Benjamin Gardner, Elihu Gross, William Chamberlain, Isaac Tichenor, Solomon Wright, Thomas Hammond, Reuben Nash, Ezekiel Porter, Chauncey Smith, C. K. Williams
Candidates: Samuel Shaw[1]Chauncey LangdonNathan RobinsonJonas GalushaIsrael SmithBenjamin SwanJacob GalushaPaul BrighamBenjamin GardnerElihu GrossWilliam ChamberlainIsaac TichenorSolomon WrightThomas HammondReuben NashEzekiel PorterChauncey SmithC. K. Williams
Final Result: 35822302----------------
District of Southwest35822302----------------
Bennington County------------------
Town of Arlington29-----------------
Town of Bennington[2]219919812-----1-------
Town of Dorset------------------
Town of Landgrove------------------
Town of Manchester138-----------------
Town of Peru1513----------------
Town of Pownal[3]16810822-----3---2-----
Town of Readsboro[4]14341-1------------
Town of Rupert------------------
Town of Sandgate------------------
Town of Shaftsbury216617-1-5--3-1------
Town of Stamford49-----------------
Town of Sunderland50-----------------
Town of Windhall------------------
Town of Woodford16-----------------
Rutland County------------------
Town of Benson80139--32-1---1--1-1-
Town of Brandon------------------
Town of Castleton------------------
Town of Chittenden------------------
Town of Clarendon------------------
Town of Danby------------------
Town of Fairhaven------------------
Town of Hubbarton------------------
Town of Ira------------------
Town of Middletown11667----------------
Town of Mount Holly[5]626----------------
Town of Mount Tabor214----------------
Town of Orwell18529-22--------------
Town of Parkerstown------------------
Town of Pawlett------------------
Town of Philadelphia1114----------------
Town of Pittsfield42--7-1------------
Town of Pittsford66772----1-----1----
Town of Poultny------------------
Town of Rutland11816811-11----1----1-1
Town of Sherburne------------------
Town of Shrewsbury9928--11-1----------
Town of Sudbury------------------
Town of Tinmouth------------------
Town of Wallingford------------------
Town of Wells------------------


[2]In Bennington, 1 vote for S. Shaw, Jr. has here been credited to Samuel Shaw.
[3]The World, September 13, lists 163 votes for Samuel Shaw in Pownal.
[4]The World, September 13, lists 22 votes for Samuel Shaw in Readsboro.
[5]The votes from Mount Holly were rejected.


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Benson Town Records.
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Rutland Town Records.
Shaftsbury Town Records.
Shrewsbury Town Records.
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