New York 1819 Assembly, Otsego County

Assembly (State)
New York 1819 Assembly, Otsego County
New York
First Ballot
Seth Chase, Samuel Colwell, Henry Ogden, Willard Coye, James Hawks, Martin Lee, David Tripp, Stukely Elsworth, Caleb Eldred, Abijah H. Beach, Volkert P. Van Rensselaer, Freeman Kilborn, Robert Campbell, David Little, Alvan Stewart, William G. Angell, Jeremiah Blake, William Campbell, Daniel Carr, John Galt, Elisha Jenkins, Arunah Metcalf, Cyrenus Noble, Isaac Ogden, Edward Pratt, John Young
Candidates: Seth ChaseSamuel ColwellHenry OgdenWillard CoyeJames HawksMartin LeeDavid TrippStukely ElsworthCaleb EldredAbijah H. BeachVolkert P. Van RensselaerFreeman KilbornRobert CampbellDavid LittleAlvan StewartWilliam G. AngellJeremiah BlakeWilliam CampbellDaniel CarrJohn GaltElisha JenkinsArunah MetcalfCyrenus NobleIsaac OgdenEdward PrattJohn Young
Final Result: 19691969193219231884180217461708168016738887211111111111
Otsego County19691969193219231884180217461708168016738887211111111111
Town of Burlington[1]93939281162691651471451501----1--------1-
Town of Butternuts[2]1411381321448813585887482----------------
Town of Cherry Valley[3]36636836936819357271416171---1--1-1-----1
Town of Decatur23222228582261574757----------------
Town of Edmeston747481756574646464616777------------
Town of Exeter31343030502548494848-11-----1-------
Town of Hartwick[4]9595959916595165168162162----------------
Town of Laurens1091091091088610986868586----------------
Town of Maryland2121172110221102102106102----------------
Town of Middlefield[5]1511511501493415132333333------1---------
Town of Milford66666466796577767779----------------
Town of New Lisbon118991496148147148145----------------
Town of Otego13181171101210511110992----------------
Town of Otsego[6][7][8]32431531531611430484838184-------------1--
Town of Pittsfield555544544444444----------------
Town of Plainfield74747474357534353535----------------
Town of Richfield7580727611576108106106107----------11----
Town of Springfield97981009610043333----------------
Town of Unadilla78778646997595919282----1-------1---
Town of Westford[9][10]66664367776784767676----------------
Town of Worcester5657565813355129128129128----------------


[1]Willard Coye received 1 vote as William Coye.
[2]The Gazette, May 4, reports 64 votes for Caleb Eldred in Butternuts.
[3]Alvin Stewart received one vote as Alvan Stewart.
[4]The Otsego Herald (Cooperstown, NY), May 10, reports 165 votes for Stukely Elsworth, 168 votes for Caleb Eldred, and 162 votes for David Tripp in Hartwick.
[5]The Gazette, May 4, reports 159 votes for Willard Coye and 39 votes for Abijah H. Beach in Middlefield.
[6]James Hawks received 5 votes as Jas. Hawks.
[7]Abijah H. Beach received 1 vote as Elijah H. Beach.
[8]The Watch-Tower, May 10; the Gazette, May 4; and the Otsego Herald, May 10, report 106 votes for James Hawks in Otsego.
[9]James Hawks received 1 vote as Hawks.
[10]Abijah H. Beach received 1 vote as Elijah H. Beach.


Original Election Returns.
Gazette (Cherry Valley). May 4, 1819.
Otsego Herald (Cooperstown, NY). May 10, 1819.
The Watch-Tower (Cooperstown, NY). May 10, 1819.
Gazette (Cherry Valley). May 11, 1819.
The Albany Argus (Albany, NY). May 14, 1819.
Gazette (Cherry Valley). May 18, 1819.

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