New York 1818 Assembly, Cayuga County

Assembly (State)
New York 1818 Assembly, Cayuga County
New York
First Ballot
Elijah Devoe, William Allen, Henry Polhemus, William Satterlee, Elisha Durkee, Samuel Dill, William T. Carr, Samuel Harenden, Norman Peters, Isaac Smith, John MacFadden, Gamaliel H. Barstow, David E. Evans, Rufus Remington, William Clark, Thatcher J. Ferris, Ira Kent, Samuel Payne, Caleb Baker, Jonathan Richmond, Perry G. Childs, Humphrey Howland, Old Hayward, Benjamin Bartlett, Obadiah Wheeler, Charles Locke, Rona Hyatt, H. C. Southwick, Ephraim Wetherell, Rowland Day, John Seymour, Alex Bothwell, Alexander MacDonald, David Hedden, Nathan Wood, George Snyder, John Keesler, Aaron Frost, Noah Taylor, Smith Taylor, Jesse Taylor, John Houghtaling, John Elsworth, Philip Eamon
Candidates: Elijah DevoeWilliam AllenHenry PolhemusWilliam SatterleeElisha DurkeeSamuel DillWilliam T. CarrSamuel HarendenNorman PetersIsaac SmithJohn MacFaddenGamaliel H. BarstowDavid E. EvansRufus RemingtonWilliam ClarkThatcher J. FerrisIra KentSamuel PayneCaleb BakerJonathan RichmondPerry G. ChildsHumphrey HowlandOld HaywardBenjamin BartlettObadiah WheelerCharles LockeRona HyattH. C. SouthwickEphraim WetherellRowland DayJohn SeymourAlex BothwellAlexander MacDonaldDavid HeddenNathan WoodGeorge SnyderJohn KeeslerAaron FrostNoah TaylorSmith TaylorJesse TaylorJohn HoughtalingJohn ElsworthPhilip Eamon
Affiliation:supported by both partiesClintonianClintonian
Final Result: [1]193711569599568342799765332322222111111111111111111111111
Cayuga County193711569599568342799765332322222111111111111111111111111
Town of Aurelius[2]35826425510910913----2---------------------------------
Town of Brutus208199206671---63--222-----1----------------------
Town of Cato83747591213----------2-----1111111---------------
Town of Genoa125252499101---------1--------------11111----------
Town of Locke1651005810567---------------------------------------
Town of Mentz9826254668-997-------------------------1111111111
Town of Owasco8756177129---------------------------------------
Town of Scipio[3]436323284158163---------------------------------------
Town of Sempronius3368612318241------33----2221-----------------------
Town of Sterling41333537---------------------------------------


[1]Gamaliel H. Barstow, David E. Evans, Samuel Payne, and Perry G. Childs were candidates for State Senate. Caleb Baker and Jonathan Richmond were candidtaes for U.S. House of Representatives.
[2]The Auburn Gazette (Auburn, NY) list 357 votes for Elijah Devoe.
[3]The Auburn Gazette (Auburn, NY) lists 162 votes for Elisha Durkee.


Original Election Returns.
Auburn Gazette (Auburn, NY). May 6, 1818.
Auburn Gazette (Auburn, NY). May 13, 1818.

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