Vermont 1798 U.S. House of Representatives, Western

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Vermont 1798 U.S. House of Representatives, Western
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Matthew Lyon, Samuel Williams, Daniel Chipman, Abel Spencer, Israel Smith, Gideon Olin, Samuel Hitchcock, Jonas Galusha, Moses Robinson, Jonathan Robinson, Roger Enos, Jr., Isaac Tichenor, John Burnham, Joel Linsly, Samuel Miller, Nathaniel Chipman, Martin Chittenden, Isaac Clark, Amos Mann, Amos Marsh, Thomas D. Rood, Noah Smith, John Strong, James Witherill, scattering
Candidates: Matthew LyonSamuel WilliamsDaniel ChipmanAbel SpencerIsrael SmithGideon OlinSamuel HitchcockJonas GalushaMoses RobinsonJonathan RobinsonRoger Enos, Jr.Isaac TichenorJohn BurnhamJoel LinslySamuel MillerNathaniel ChipmanMartin ChittendenIsaac ClarkAmos MannAmos MarshThomas D. RoodNoah SmithJohn StrongJames Witherillscattering
Final Result: [1][2][3][4][5][6]3482154413702682362216148633222111111125--
District of Western3482154413702682362216148633222111111125--
Addison County-------------------------
Town of Addison45-12-24--------------1----
Town of Bridport[7]23101----------------------
Town of Bristol29-8-51-------------------
Town of Cornwall96-35---------------------8
Town of Ferrisburgh20443--2-------------------
Town of Hancock1411----------------------
Town of Leicester2652----------------------
Town of Middlebury13495---------------------1
Town of Monkton[8]-2643----------------------
Town of New Haven[9]47231-16--------------------
Town of Salisbury--80---------------------6
Town of Shoreham82-68-----2----------------
City of Vergennes71570--1------------1------
Bennington County-------------------------
Town of Bennington2306011---2-1---------------
Town of Pownal176--211---1--1-------------
Town of Readsboro3---11--------------------
Town of Shaftsbury223----1-11----------------
Town of Winhall1--187--------------------
Town of Woodford101-----------------------
Chittenden County-------------------------
Town of Charlotte252950----------------------
Town of Colchester[10]-------------------------
Town of Essex141330-5-7--------------1---
Town of Jericho23-38-2-2-1----------------
Town of Milton2218-----------------------
Town of Shelburne185601---------------------
Franklin County-------------------------
Town of Cambridge7733---------------------10
Town of Georgia3819-24--------------------
Town of Isle La Motte--15----------------------
Rutland County-------------------------
Town of Benson99422--1-------------------
Town of Mount Holly3418-----------------------
Town of Pittsfield-21-----------------------
Town of Pittsford[11]-1108-2-1------------------
Town of Rutland523312616--1-----------------


[1]Vermont law required a majority to elect for the U.S. House of Representatives. A second ballot would be held on December 4, 1798.
[2]The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY), The Philadelphia Gazette and Universal Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA), The Rutland Herald (Rutland, VT), Spooner's Vermont Journal (Windsor, VT), Alexandria Advertiser and Commercial Intelligencer (Alexandria, VA) and Federal Galaxy all list 226 votes for Israel Smith
[3]The Aurora and The Virginia Argus (Richmond, VA) both list 285 votes for Abel Spencer.
[4]The Scourge of Aristocracy, October 15, reports 1554 votes for Samuel Williams, 285 for Abel Spencer, and 274 for Israel Smith. This paper also notes 30 votes "given in for Governor, and the Representatives of the several towns in Assembly, by one accident or another put into the box for Representative to Congress.
[5]"There were a number of votes lost, by reason of their not being accompanied with certificates according to law, the most of which were for Daniel Chipman." Spooner's Vermont Journal (Windsor, VT). October 29, 1798.
[6]The Examiner (Richmond, VA) refers to the Federalists as "Aristocratic candidates."
[7]The Vergennes Gazette and Vermont and New-York Advertiser (Vergennes, VT) lists Daniel Chipman with 102 votes.
[8]The Vergennes Gazette and Vermont and New-York Advertiser (Vergennes, VT) of September 6 lists Daniel Chipman with 54 votes in Monkton.
[9]The Vergennes Gazette and Vermont and New-York Advertiser (Vergennes, VT) of September 6 lists Samuel Williams without any votes in New Haven.
[10]There were 44 votes cast with no breakdown.
[11]The Vergennes Gazette and Vermont and New-York Advertiser (Vergennes, VT) lists Samuel Williams with 113 votes and Matthew Lyon with 2 votes in Pittsford..


Addison Town Records.
Bennington Town Records.
Benson Town Records.
Bridport Town Records.
Bristol Town Records.
Charlotte Town Records.
Essex Town Records.
Ferrisburgh Town Records.
Georgia Town Records.
Hancock Town Records.
Isle La Motte Town Records.
Jericho Town Records.
Milton Town Records.
Monkton Town Records.
Mount Holly Town Records.
New Haven Town Records.
Pittsfield Town Records.
Pittsford Town Records.
Pownal Town Records.
Readsboro Town Records.
Rutland Town Records.
Shaftsbury Town Records.
Shelburne Town Records.
Shoreham Town Records.
Vergennes Town Records.
Winhall Town Records.
Message from Governor Isaac Tichenor calling for a new election in the Western District. Vermont Historical Society, Montpelier.
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The Scourge of Aristocracy, and Repository of Important Political Truths (Fairhaven, VT). October 15, 1798.
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Doyle, William. The Vermont Political Tradition. Montpelier, VT: Northlight Studio Press, 1987. 74.
McLaughlin, J. F. Matthew Lyon: The Hampden of Congress. New York: Wynkoop Hollenbeck Crawford, 1900. 374-375.

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