Ohio 1802 Constitutional Convention, Hamilton County

Constitutional Convention (State)
Convention Delegate
Ohio 1802 Constitutional Convention, Hamilton County
First Ballot
Constitutional Convention/Convention Delegate
Francis Dunlavy, John Paul, Jeremiah Morrow, John Wilson, C. W. Byrd, J. Kitchell, William Goforth, J. W. Brown, John Smith, John Reily, W. James, Thomas Smith, S. Wood, W. C. Schenk, W. MacMillan, John Ludlow, Jacob Burnet, John Bigger, James MacClure, James Barret, W. Ward, Jacob White, B. Van Cleve, David E. Wade, Abner Gerard, J. Corbly
Candidates: Francis Dunlavy[1]John Paul[2]Jeremiah Morrow[3]John Wilson[4]C. W. Byrd[5]J. Kitchell[6]William Goforth[7]J. W. Brown[8]John Smith[9]John Reily[10]W. JamesThomas SmithS. WoodW. C. SchenkW. MacMillanJohn LudlowJacob BurnetJohn BiggerJames MacClureJames BarretW. WardJacob WhiteB. Van CleveDavid E. WadeAbner GerardJ. Corbly
Final Result: [11][12][13]16351630153613811338117211281066964924901887793633621571541500458425315251240163150121
Hamilton County16351630153613811338117211281066964924901887793633621571541500458425315251240163150121


[11]99 candidates received votes.
[12]The Scioto Gazette lists William Goforth with 1129 votes, W. James with 900 votes, S. Wood with 791 votes, W. C. Schenk with 638 votes, John Ludlow with 470 votes, Jacob Burnet with 441 votes, James MacClure with 438 votes, B. Van Cleve with 248 votes and David E. Wade with 183 votes.
[13]The Western Spy, and Hamilton Gazette (Cincinnati, OH) lists David E. Wade with 183 votes.


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