New York 1810 Assembly, Ontario County

Assembly (State)
New York 1810 Assembly, Ontario County
New York
First Ballot
Septimus Evans, Stephen Phelps, Asahel Warner, Reuben Hart, Hugh MacNair, Valentine Brother, Israel Chapin, Ezra Patterson, William Markham, William T. Codding, Reuben Humphreys, Philetus Swift, Nathan Smith, Henry A. Townsend, John Broome, William Cady, Sylvus Hart, Robert M. Lattimer, William Patterson, Peter B. Porter, Daniel D. Tompkins
Candidates: Septimus Evans[1]Stephen Phelps[2]Asahel Warner[3]Reuben Hart[4]Hugh MacNair[5]Valentine BrotherIsrael ChapinEzra PattersonWilliam MarkhamWilliam T. CoddingReuben HumphreysPhiletus SwiftNathan SmithHenry A. TownsendJohn BroomeWilliam CadySylvus HartRobert M. LattimerWilliam PattersonPeter B. PorterDaniel D. Tompkins
Final Result: [6][7][8][9]290229022900289728972497249224872486247953221111111
Ontario County290229022900289728972497249224872486247953221111111
Town of Avon9696979796111112111111111-----------
Town of Bloomfield201201201199200421421421420418-----------
Town of Boyle[10][11]157157158157157161162160161160-----------
Town of Bristol5455555554185185185185185-----------
Town of Canandaigua18718718718618716816716816816811111-----1
Town of Farmington1711711711711718484848483-----1-----
Town of Geneseo74747575749192919291-----------
Town of Gorham170171171171171133133132130131-----------
Town of Honeoye7171727071111110109111107-----------
Town of Jerusalem15151515153434343434-----------
Town of Lima1021021011021029696969696-----------
Town of Livonia[12]838284808388888887883----------
Town of Middlesex1441441441441443938393939-----------
Town of Naples313131303061616160601111-------
Town of Ontario75757575753030303030-----------
Town of Palmyra109110107109110165165164163164-----------
Town of Phelps264260260263260109109108109108-----------
Town of Seneca[13]275276274273273139137136137136-1---------
Town of Snell2912912912912918989898989-----------
Town of Sodus[14]1171191191201207875777777-------1---
Town of Sparta1381381351381361515151515-----------
Town of Williamson[15]77767776778989898889------1-11-


[6]The Genesee Messenger (Canandaigua, NY) of May 8, 1810 lists the last name of Valentine Brother, as Brothers.
[7]The Columbian Gazette (Utica, NY) of May 15, 1810 lists the last name of William T. Codding, as Cadding.
[8]The Columbian Gazette (Utica, NY) lists William Markham with 2495 votes.
[9]Daniel D. Tompkins was a candidate for Governor. John Broome was a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Peter B. Porter was a candidate for Congress. Henry A. Townsend, Reuben Humphreys, Nathan Smith and Philetus Swift were candidates for State Senate.
[10]Septimus Evans received 1 vote as Sept. Evans.
[11]Stephen Phelps received 1 vote as S. Phelps.
[12]William T. Codding received 5 votes as William Codding.
[13]Hugh MacNair received 1 vote as Hugh McNare and 1 vote as Hugh McNeir.
[14]William T. Codding received 1 vote as Will. T. Codding and 1 vote as William T. Cording.
[15]Stephen Phelps received 1 vote as Stevhen Phelps.


Original Election Certificate
Genesee Messenger (Canandaigua, NY). May 8, 1810.
Ontario Repository (Canandaigua, NY). May 8, 1810.
Columbian Gazette (Utica, NY). May 15, 1810.
The Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY). May 16, 1810.

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