South Carolina 1810 House of Representatives, Charleston City

House of Representatives (State)
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South Carolina 1810 House of Representatives, Charleston City
South Carolina
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
James Reid Pringle, O'Brien Smith, John Horlbeck, Jr., Thomas Bennett, Bartholomew Carroll, Joseph Kirkland, William Clement, Philip Moser, John Geddes, Joseph Verree, Charles Pinckney, Richard Cunningham, Paul Smiser Hutson Lee, Myer Moses, John Stevens Cogdell, Thomas Lehre, Keating L. Simons, James M. Ward, James Lowndes, William Crafts, Jr., Henry H. Bacot, Thomas Lowndes
Candidates: James Reid Pringle[1]O'Brien Smith[2]John Horlbeck, Jr.[3]Thomas Bennett[4]Bartholomew Carroll[5]Joseph Kirkland[6]William Clement[7]Philip Moser[8]John Geddes[9]Joseph Verree[10]Charles Pinckney[11]Richard Cunningham[12]Paul Smiser Hutson Lee[13]Myer Moses[14]John Stevens Cogdell[15]Thomas Lehre[16]Keating L. SimonsJames M. WardJames LowndesWilliam Crafts, Jr.Henry H. BacotThomas Lowndes
Final Result: 617575564555541537520474469462458454454435384364273250239225219135
City of Charleston617575564555541537520474469462458454454435384364273250239225219135
Saint Michael Parish----------------------
Saint Philip Parish----------------------


[2]O'Brien Smith is elected, but would die on April 28, 1811.
[7]William Clement is elected, and is also elected Treasurer of the Lower Division of South Carolina on December 3, 1810, where he served.


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City Gazette and Commercial Advertiser (Charleston, SC). October 12, 1810.
Biographical Directory of the South Carolina House of Representatives. Vol. 1. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1974. 281-282.

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