Massachusetts 1820 State Senate, Berkshire County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1820 State Senate, Berkshire County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Caleb Hyde, Phineas Allen, Thomas Allen, James W. Robbins, scattering
Candidates: Caleb Hyde[1]Phineas Allen[2]Thomas AllenJames W. Robbinsscattering
Final Result: [3][4]2114209519431903111
Berkshire County2114209519431903111
Town of Adams1801803130-
Town of Alford42422929-
Town of Becket232390911
Town of Chesire18718733-
Town of Clarksburg[5]15151717-
Town of Dalton393658551
Town of Egremont74744949-
Town of Florida20203333-
Town of Great Barrington4646126126-
Town of Hancock42414746-
Town of Hinsdale18187778-
Town of Lanesborough727272723
Town of Lee30261671618
Town of Lenox1341325960-
Town of Mount Washington33331037
District of New Ashford38381818-
Town of New Marlborough5959161161-
Town of Otis41416868-
Town of Peru11118989-
Town of Pittsfield2352241099719
Town of Richmond6365282958
Town of Sandisfield13913891901
Town of Savoy68671211-
Town of Sheffield8787124124-
Town of Stockbridge757293943
Town of Tyringham848463632
Town of Washington23224243-
Town of West Stockbridge81814949-
Town of Williamstown[6]12413080668
Town of Windsor[7]31314848-


[3]"Whole number of votes, 4048. Necessary to make a choice, 2025." Governor's Council Records.
[4]In the Official Canvass, which did not include the votes from Clarksburg, Caleb Hyde received 2099 votes and Phineas Allen 2071 votes.
[5]The returns from Clarksburg were not included in the Official Canvass.
[6]The Pittsfield Sun reports 120 votes for both Caleb Hyde and Phineas Allen, and 81 votes for both Thomas Allen and James W. Robbins.
[7]The Pittsfield Sun reports 18 votes for both Caleb Hyde and Phineas Allen, and 30 votes for both Thomas Allen and James W. Robbins.


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