Massachusetts 1801 State Senate, Hancock, Kennebec, Lincoln and Washington Counties

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1801 State Senate, Hancock, Kennebec, Lincoln and Washington Counties
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
David Cobb, Nathaniel Dummer, Alexander Campbell, Nathan Weston, John Chandler, John Farley, Henry Knox, O. Leonard
Candidates: David CobbNathaniel DummerAlexander CampbellNathan WestonJohn ChandlerJohn FarleyHenry KnoxO. Leonard
Final Result: [1][2][3][4]135913361152940----
District of Hancock, Kennebec, Lincoln and Washington Counties135913361152940----
Hancock County--------
Town of Bangor--------
Town of Belfast--------
Town of Blue Hill3132----1-
Town of Buckstown--------
Town of Castine4946-----3
Town of Deer Isle--------
Town of Duck Trap--------
Town of Eden--------
Town of Ellsworth--------
Town of Frankfurt--------
Town of Goldsboro--------
Town of Hampden--------
Town of Isleboro--------
Town of Mount Desert--------
Town of Northport--------
Town of Orland3434------
Town of Orrington--------
Town of Penobscot--53--53--
Town of Prospect--------
Town of Sedgwick--------
Town of Sullivan--------
Town of Trenton--------
Town of Vinalhaven--------
Plantation No. 6--------
Kennebec County--------
Town of Anson--------
Town of Augusta4346368168--
Town of Belgrade--------
Town of Canaan--------
Town of Clinton--------
Town of Cornville--------
Town of Fairfield--------
Town of Farmington7370-42012--
Town of Fayette--------
Town of Green--------
Town of Hallowell506820856431--
Town of Harlem--------
Town of Leeds--------
Town of Monmouth--------
Town of Mount Vernon--------
Town of New Sharon--------
Town of Norridgewock--------
Town of Pittston--------
Town of Readfield161816166---
Town of Sidney--------
Town of Starks--------
Town of Strong--------
Town of Vassalborough6665-70-70--
Town of Wayne--------
Town of Winslow--------
Town of Winthrop5421-36371--
Lincoln County--------
Town of Ballstown--------
Town of Bath342423-----
Town of Boothbay--------
Town of Bowdoin--------
Town of Bowdoinham--------
Town of Bristol--------
Town of Camden--------
Town of Cushing58-----58-
Town of Dresden27-72013625-
Town of Edgecomb--------
Town of Georgetown--------
Town of Lewiston-337-30---
Town of Litchfield--------
Town of New Castle--------
Town of New Milford--------
Town of Nobleborough--------
Town of Pownalboro-4---2--
Town of Thomastown--------
Town of Thompsonboro--------
Town of Topsham828------
Town of Union--------
Town of Waldoborough--------
Town of Warren--------
Town of Woolwich--------
Plantation adjacent to Bowdoin--------
Washington County--------
Town of Addison--------
Town of Columbia--------
Town of Eastport--------
Town of Harrington--------
Town of Machias453278---22-
Town of Steuben--------
Plantation No. 22--------


[1]"No. Voters, 3925. Make a choice, 1963." Governor's Council Records.
[2]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect. David Cobb and Nathaniel Dummer would subsequently be elected by the Massachusetts General Court.
[3]"There are a number of scattering votes which we omit, not having received the exact number. ... There are ten or twelve candidates for Senators, for this district, and we believe there will be no choice by the people." The Kennebec Gazette (Hallowell, ME). April 10, 1801.
[4]"SENATORIAL CANDIDATES. There are eleven vacancies in the returns of Senators for this Commonwealth... Two in Lincoln, etc.; necessary to a choice 1963; Hon. ALEXANDER CAMPBELL 1152, NATHANIEL DUMMER 1336, DAVID COBB 1359, NATHAN WESTON 940." Columbian Centinel. Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). May 16, 1801.


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