New Hampshire 1824 U.S. Senate, Ballot 34

U.S. Senate (Federal)
U.S. Senator
New Hampshire 1824 U.S. Senate, Ballot 34
New Hampshire
Thirty Fourth Ballot
U.S. Senate/U.S. Senator
John F. Parrott, Jeremiah Mason, Arthur Livermore, nay
Candidates: John F. ParrottJeremiah MasonArthur Livermorenay
Final Result: 741158
General Court4941158
House of Representatives[1]42--158
State Senate[2]741-


[1]"Mr. Tappan called up the amendment of the Senate to the vote of the House electing a Senator to Congress, whereby the name of Jeremiah Mason is struck out, and that of John F. Parrott inserted. The question of concurrence in the proposed amendment was taken by yeas and nays on ballot, and decided on the negative. - Yeas 42; Nays 158." Farmer's Cabinet (Amherst, NH). December 18, 1824.
[2]"Mr. Eastman moved that the resolution of the House be amended by striking out the name of Jeremiah Mason, and inserting the name of John F. Parrott. The President declared the motion to be out of order. Mr. Eastman appealed from this decision, and the Senate reversed it; and Mr. E's motion prevailing, the resolution as amended was sent down to the House for concurrence." Farmer's Cabinet (Amherst, NH). December 18, 1824.


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