New York 1809 Assembly, Schoharie County

Assembly (State)
New York 1809 Assembly, Schoharie County
New York
First Ballot
John Ingold, Jr., John Rice, Henry Hager, Henry Shafer
Candidates: John Ingold, Jr.[1]John Rice[2]Henry HagerHenry Shafer
Final Result: [3]110010581024983
Schoharie County110010581024983
Town of Blenheim464210299
Town of Broome1251257575
Town of Carlisle64548069
Town of Cobleskill156148157147
Town of Jefferson7270118111
Town of Middleburgh188181199192
Town of Schoharie216205118119
Town of Sharon233233175171


[3]"Screams of the Wounded! Since the recent election, the wounded Democrats issue forth their lamentable screams by the whole sale. They had previously declared that late measures were growing daily more and more popular; that the result of the past election would prove this position. In this county in particular, the Manworshippers asserted that the Democratic majority would be larger or as large as ever. Disappointed and chagrined--seeing Napoleon's cause on the rapid decline; our differences with England in a fair train of adjustment, the French paper of yesterday, becomes most outrageously blustering. It more justly resembles the expiring groans of an insane Bedlamite than the effusions of an Editor. Yet the thing is as harmless and far more contemptible than a whistle or a rattle-box. The fact is, the Democratic party, or rather their leaders, have got unmercifully corrupt.--Instead of ruling with a fair and upright hand, they have abandoned principle for party; the good of the whole for the interest of a few--and have forgot their duty in their squabbles for office. Circumstances are almost every day transpiring, which have a direct tendency to covince the people of this most important fact.--Honest men bearing different political appellations believe a change is necessary; they are convinced that correct principles, not mere profession, ought to be cherished; that whatever party or set of men may rule, they will eventually become designing and corrupt; and that to support our republican institutions in their primitive purity, changes of men and measures at proper periods are not only useful, but are consequences incident to a free people and the constitution of our country." The Independent American (Ballston Spa, NY). May 9, 1809.


The Independent American (Ballston Spa, NY). May 9, 1809.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). May 19, 1809.
The Balance, and New-York State Journal (Albany, NY). May 26, 1809.

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