Connecticut 1823 House of Representatives, Hartford, Second Representative

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Connecticut 1823 House of Representatives, Hartford, Second Representative
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Jeremiah Hoadley, John Russ, Joseph Pratt, Nathaniel Goodwin, scattering
Candidates: Jeremiah HoadleyJohn RussJoseph PrattNathaniel Goodwinscattering
Final Result: [1]243126332521
City of Hartford243126332521


[1]"For reasons which are already too obvious to the public, it was generally supposed that no meeting ought or would be called for the purpose of selecting candidates for the General Assembly. A few, however, who are for driving all matters according to their infallible way of thinking, procured the notice for the meeting to be advertised. On the evening preceding the one when the meeting was to be held, a collection of these infallibles, to the number of six or eight, privately convened, and very kindly took upon themselves the task of designating the candidates who should be supported on the next evening. Accordingly, at the meeting the evening after, the two gentlemen, thus designated, were on the first respective ballotings, elected as the candidates for representatives. No efforts had been made, except by those who were in the secret, to procure the attendance of the electors. It was soon to be perceived that the nominations thus made, was not generally acceptable to the party, and many thought the two gentlemen who represented the town last year ought not, by the managament of a small faction, to be excluded from the House this year. For these and some other reasons, a majority of the republican party thought proper to disregard the nomination - and at the first balloting for a representative on Monday, Gen. Johnson was elected, and at the second balloting Mr. Hoadley was also elected - the opposing candidate having but 129 votes. It has been said, and will no doubt be repeated, that this choice was effected by the aid of federal votes. This was deny. But few federalists voted at all for representatives." American Mercury (Hartford, CT). April 15, 1823.


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