Massachusetts 1805 State Senate, Essex County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1805 State Senate, Essex County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Enoch Titcomb, Nathaniel Marsh, Elias H. Derby, John Heard, John Phillips, Jr., Joshua Fisher, Joseph Sprague, Thomas Kittredge, Daniel Kilham, John Hathorne, William Pearson, James Prince, William Prescott, scattering
Candidates: Enoch Titcomb[1]Nathaniel Marsh[2]Elias H. Derby[3]John Heard[4]John Phillips, Jr.[5]Joshua Fisher[6]Joseph SpragueThomas KittredgeDaniel KilhamJohn HathorneWilliam PearsonJames PrinceWilliam Prescottscattering
Final Result: [7][8]391839023899389738933806--------
Essex County391839023899389738933806--------
Town of Amesbury727272727272666666666666--
Town of Andover196196196196196196233233233233233233--
Town of Beverly267267267267267267134134134134134134--
Town of Boxford119119119119118116212121212121214
Town of Bradford--------------
Town of Danvers227227227227227227132132132132132132--
Town of Gloucester--------------
Town of Hamilton101101101101101101171717171717--
Town of Haverhill1671661671661661651331331331331331321-
Town of Ipswich256256256256256256142142142142142142--
Town of Lynn214214214214214214293293293293293293--
District of Lynnfield--------------
Town of Manchester888888888888777777--
Town of Marblehead404040404040333333333333333333--
Town of Metheun--------------
Town of Middleton363636363636646464646464--
Town of Newbury320320320320320320138138138138138138--
Town of Newburyport474471469466457463194194191194192186-30
Town of Rowley157157157157157157--------
Town of Salem552552552552552552570570570570570570--
Town of Salisbury707070707070747474747474--
Town of Topsfield989898989898414141414141--
Town of Wenham444444444444232323232323--


[7]"No. Voters, 6964. Make a choice, 3483." Governor's Council Records.
[8]"From Essex, we have the pleasing intelligence of the success of the Federal Ticket for Senators, in that county. The Salem Gazette (Salem, MA), of Tuesday contains the votes in 17 towns (all the towns excepting Haverhill, Gloucester, Bradford, Boxford, Metheun and Lynnfield) in which the Federal were 3418, Democratic 2629." The Boston Gazette (Boston, MA). April 4, 1805.


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