Massachusetts 1804 U.S. House of Representatives, Suffolk District

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1804 U.S. House of Representatives, Suffolk District
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Josiah Quincy, William Eustis, John Phillips
Candidates: Josiah Quincy[1]William EustisJohn Phillips
Final Result: [2]228521953
District of Suffolk228521953
Middlesex County278486-
Town of Charlestown152341-
Town of Malden26114-
Town of Medford10031-
Plymouth County69123-
Town of Hingham69114-
Town of Hull-9-
Suffolk County193815863
Town of Boston192015673
Town of Chelsea1819-


[2]"In this district a change has taken place which will give great pleasure and satisfaction to every genuine Federalist thorughout the United States.--The Hon. JOSIAH QUINCY is ELECTED a Representative in Congress, in the room of the Hon. WILLIAM EUSTIS.--On this event the Federalists universally are felicitated.--The Federalists brought into action some of the old zeal and spirit which animated and invigorated them in the proud days of 1788, and at times during the WASHINGTON and ADAMS administration.--They organized their force;--the were faithful to principles; and they have been successful.--They will always be so, when they are in earnest. The hustings in this town were unusually crowded at an early hour;--the meeting was opened with prayer by the Rev. Mr. CHANNING; and at the close of the poll at three o'clock, the subjoined was the result.--Several hundred federal votes were lost by the novel mode of voting, which the Selectmen, to accommodate the democratic party, introduced." Columbian Centinel and Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). November 7, 1804.


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