Pennsylvania 1822 Assistant Assessor, Philadelphia City, South Mulberry Ward

Assistant Assessor (City)
Assistant Assessor
Pennsylvania 1822 Assistant Assessor, Philadelphia City, South Mulberry Ward
First Ballot
Assistant Assessor/Assistant Assessor
Joseph Diver, Jesse Smith, Peter Thomson, Matthew Weaver
Candidates: Joseph DiverJesse SmithPeter ThomsonMatthew Weaver
Final Result: [1]168168165165
City of Philadelphia----
Ward South Mulberry168168165165


[1]"SOUTH MULBERRY WARD. The almost overwhelming majorities, with which the Democratic party, by bringing forward every voter in their ranks, have heretofore carried the Elections in this Ward, has had the effect of preventing any particularly active exertion in the Federal party, and a large number of the Federal citizens have thought it useless to go to the Poll. But this delusion is now past, the eyes of the Federalists are now open to their own strength. At the late Ward Election, the choice of Judges, for the first time, devolved upon the Federal party. It was truly gratifying, to behold aged and respectable citizens, come forward to support their just rights. The victory that was obtained, would have been followed by one of a more signal character, had the Federalists but done their duty; but, on the contrary 150 absented themselves from the election ground; many through a belief it would be of no avail, others, with the most trivial excuses ... A single vote, in one instance, would have decided the election. The feelings of those, who neglected or refused to exercise their right of suffrage, on this important occasion, are not to be envied. The large amount of property, which is in the possession of the Federal citizens of this Ward, we should suppose would have been a sufficient inducement, for them to come forward, particularly at the Triennial Assessment, and made choice of those, whose duty it would have been to assess a value on their property, at which valuation, taxes will be paid for three years. The luke-warmness and indifference of the Federalists of South Mulberry Ward, is truly astonishing, and can only be accounted for, in the belief, that they do not know their own strength; but it is an ascertained fact, that there are quite as many, if not more Federal voters in the Ward, than there are Democratic, and it only requires the active exertions of the Federalists, for the Ward to attain that political ascendancy, which cannot be prostrated, but through the inattention of the FEDERAL PARTY." The Union. United States Gazette and True American (Philadelphia, PA). October 3, 1822.


The Union. United States Gazette and True American (Philadelphia, PA). October 3, 1822.

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