New York 1796 State Senate, Southern District

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New York 1796 State Senate, Southern District
New York
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Samuel Haight, Andres Onderdonk, Selah Strong, James Watson, Aaron Burr, John Schenck, Abel Smith, John Smith
Candidates: Samuel HaightAndres OnderdonkSelah StrongJames WatsonAaron BurrJohn SchenckAbel SmithJohn Smith
Final Result: [1][2]31443123308230671533151215331485
District of Southern31443123308230671533151215331485
Kings County17618018217140513740
New York County1133113611441152594572570576
Ward One10410410410850494849
Ward Two24724925125367626064
Ward Three25125425525774737270
Ward Four16316016416475717474
Ward Five171172169172105979899
Ward Six74737676115114113113
Ward Seven[3]123124125122109106105107
Queens County440507459455223273194212
Richmond County2802802802808777
Suffolk County305306330308403399394419
Town of Brook Haven13013013213014161415
Town of East Hampton----79797878
Town of Huntington2526262784827883
Town of Islip1191482548
Town of River Head898990895555
Town of Shelter Island45664447
Town of Smith Town1819211927252431
Town of South Hampton558693909496
Town of South Hold2323332395939396
Westchester County810714687701265210331231


[1]The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY) lists 1532 votes for John Schenck, but an addition of the county totals gives above amount.
[2]The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY) lists 1530 votes for Abel Smith, but an addition of the county totals gives above amount.
[3]Greenleaf's New York Journal, and Patriotic Register (New York, NY) lists 222 votes for James Watson.


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