Pennsylvania 1819 House of Representatives, Chester County

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Pennsylvania 1819 House of Representatives, Chester County
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
James Kelton, Thomas Ashbridge, Joshua Hunt, Thomas Baird, Abraham Baily, Joshua Evans, Eber Worthington, David Dickey, Richard Walker, Hugh Strickland
Candidates: James Kelton[1]Thomas Ashbridge[2]Joshua Hunt[3]Thomas Baird[4]Abraham Baily[5]Joshua EvansEber WorthingtonDavid DickeyRichard WalkerHugh Strickland
Final Result: 3332325431863166315730302965283127622523
Chester County[6][7]3332325431863166315730302965283127622523
District of Chatham433394391390389164161127162154
District of Gum Tree144138135137121167166154158162
District of Manor[8]186188195166178382375374349369
District of Marshaltown3183193213173122833282726
District of New London Cross Roads4737373737202203188201202
District of New Red Lion2922942942922909396939090
District of Paoli516524510489515406367358362356
District of Pughtown[9]203171169188147549525520444234
District of Old Red Lion376376370368368323306306277233
District of Oxford13212276121122349351377347347
District of Sloan's148152151152144221220172212217
District of West Chester537559537509534146162134133133


[6]Chester county voted in election districts composed of several towns. These districts were numbered but more commonly referred to by names derived from the locations where voting took place (ie-a tavern, schoolhouse, individual's farm, etc.) For more information, see "History of Chester County, Pennsylvania" by J. Smith Futhey and Gilbert Cope, 1881. 224-226.
[7]The Der Readinger Adler (Reading, PA), October 26, and The Berks and Schuylkill Journal (Reading, PA), October 23, list 3172 votes for Joshua Hunt, 3302 for James Kelton, 3196 for Abraham Baily, 2963 for Eber Worthington, 3019 for Joshua Evans, 2819 for David Dickey, 2650 for Richard Walker, and 2513 for Hugh Strickland.
[8]The American Republican lists 147 votes for Abraham Baily.
[9]The American Republican lists 178 votes for Abraham Baily.


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