Pennsylvania 1814 House of Representatives, Philadelphia City

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Pennsylvania 1814 House of Representatives, Philadelphia City
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Condy Raguet, Benjamin R. Morgan, Thomas MacEuen, Cadwallader Evans, Jr., Samuel Hodgdon, William J. Duane, John Connelly, Abraham Shoemaker, Jr., John Jennings, Joseph MacCoy, Samuel Castor, Andrew Cox, James Engle, Charles Govett, John Kesler, George Morton, Cornelius Trimnel, Isaac Bleck, John Brink, Isaac Buck, Jacob Fisler, William Heart, Thomas Kittera, H. Kuhn, David Lapsley, John Montgomery, T. Witting, John World, Jacob Cash, Jr., Peter V. Marcelliot
Candidates: Condy Raguet[1]Benjamin R. Morgan[2]Thomas MacEuen[3]Cadwallader Evans, Jr.[4]Samuel Hodgdon[5]William J. DuaneJohn ConnellyAbraham Shoemaker, Jr.John JenningsJoseph MacCoySamuel CastorAndrew CoxJames EngleCharles GovettJohn KeslerGeorge MortonCornelius TrimnelIsaac BleckJohn BrinkIsaac BuckJacob FislerWilliam HeartThomas KitteraH. KuhnDavid LapsleyJohn MontgomeryT. WittingJohn WorldJacob Cash, Jr.Peter V. Marcelliot
Final Result: 2959295329332925283621322064198419701959--------------------
City of Philadelphia2959295329332925283621322064198419701959--------------------
Batallion of Artillery302829282876777777761-------------------
Captain Cash's Company2222245464646461-------------------
Captain Naglee's Company44434-------------------------
Captain Stevenson's Company161616161633333--------------------
Lieutenant Snyder's Company867762828282827--------------------
Camp Marcus Hook1111111111-------------------2
Franklin Flying Artillery333331111111111--------------------
Lieutenant Colonel Sutherland's Regiment8888844444--------------------
First Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers123128130128127152151148148148222222211111111111--
Captain Brown's Company999992424242424--------------------
Captain Kuhn's Company[6][7]756553332313131-----------1-1--11--
Captain Mifflin's Company[8][9]4242424242-------------------------
Captain Mitchell's Company[10][11][12]333332727282826--------------------
Captain Murray's Company[13][14][15]555552525252525--------------------
Captain Myers' Company756553334313133222-222---1---------
Captain Oldenberger's Company5555599999--------------------
Captain Pleasant's Company14232323221-------2---111--1-11----
Captain Swift's Company3131313131-------------------------


[6]Thomas MacEuen received 1 vote as Thomas MacEuen, Jr..
[7]Samuel Hodgden received 1 vote as Samuel Hodgon.
[8]Thomas MacEuen received 42 votes as Thomas McEwing.
[9]Cadwalader Evans, Jr. received 42 votes as Cadwalader Jones.
[10]Cadwalader Evans, Jr. received 3 votes as Cadwalader Jones.
[11]Samuel Hodgden received 3 votes as Samuel Hogdon.
[12]Abraham Shoemaker, Jr. received 28 votes as Abraham Shoemaker.
[13]Cadwalader Evans, Jr. received 5 votes as Cadwalader Jones.
[14]Samuel Hodgden received 5 votes as Samuel Hodgon.
[15]Abraham Shoemaker, Jr. received 25 votes as Abraham Shoemaker.


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