New York 1810 Assembly, Kings County

Assembly (State)
New York 1810 Assembly, Kings County
New York
First Ballot
John C. Vanderveer, Jeremiah Johnson
Candidates: John C. Vanderveer[1]Jeremiah Johnson
Final Result: [2][3][4]--
Kings County--


[2]The American Citizen (New York, NY) lists John C. Vanderveer with a majority of 6 votes, but mentions that irregularities in the election have not confirmed a total.
[3]The Long Island Star (Brooklyn, NY) lists John C. Vanderveer with a majority of 8 votes.
[4]"KINGS COUNTY ELECTION. The late Election in this County was contested with a zeal and animation, seldom equalled, and perhaps never surpassed since the adoption of the constitution. The respective candidates for members of the Assembly, are both so highly respectable for their private and social virtues, that we have the pleasure to believe, very few were opposed to either on the ground of personal objection. To this honourable homage to private worth, (which even the warmth of party attachment did not attempt to violate) may perhaps, be attributed the pleasing circumstance, that our section of the state has been so happily exempted from those violent and personal philippics which have been so liberally spoken and published against the respective candidates in other counties. In a government constituted as ours is, there will always be, (and perhaps it is best there always should be) a diversity of opinion with respect to the policy and tendency of public measures. On this ground the claim of candidates for offices of honour or trust will be severly scrutinized ; the principles they avow, the measures they support will be severely analized by their fellow citizens, even when no objection on the score of talents or integrity could be urged against them. The intemperate spirit and pernicious tendency of the Massachusett's resolutions, in which the cause and interest of a government was advocated and supported in preference to our own country, roused the indignant spirit of the people of New-England, and led them to abandon the standard of a factious junto, and to unite in support of men distinguished for their well know attachment to the government of their own county. Among a people where correct information is so speedily and so widely diffused, similar causes will necessarily produce similar effets. The violent and impolitic answer from the Assembly of this state to the governor's." The Long Island Star (Brooklyn, NY). May 3, 1810.


American Citizen (New York, NY). April 30, 1810.
The Long Island Star (Brooklyn, NY). May 3, 1810.

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