Vermont 1814 Constitutional Convention, Windsor

Constitutional Convention (State)
Convention Delegate
Vermont 1814 Constitutional Convention, Windsor
First Ballot
Constitutional Convention/Convention Delegate
Jabez Delano, Abner Forbes, scattering, scattering
Candidates: Jabez Delano[1]Abner Forbesscatteringscattering
Final Result: [2]213134582
Town of Windsor213134582


[2]"The late Election of delegates in this State has, so far as we have heard, resulted very favorably to the friends of our excellent constitution, and the rights of the People. In this town the votes stood for JABEZ DELANO, a republican candidate, and known to be opposed to the amendments ... In Rutland a gentleman of federal politics, but who is known to be opposed to the amendments, is elected. In Bennington we understand the Republican candidate was elected by a majority of 100. It will undoubtedly be gratifying to our republican readers, to be informed that the venerable GALUSHA, late Governor of this state, and who, had the voice of the people been regarded, would have been governor at this time, is elected a delegate to the convention from Shaftsbury. We have received a list of the names of delegates from about 60 towns. Of these not more than three are known to be in favor of altering the Constitution. From all the information we are able to obtain on this subject, we believe the people have gained a complete triumph over the invaders of their rights; and given a signal proof of their attachment to the constitution under which they have so long prospered. It would no doubt have been a very pleasing thing for the federal gentry, who by political manoeuvering have raised themselves to power, so to alter the constitution as to snugly place themselves in office without fear of removal." Vermont Republican (Windsor, VT). June 6, 1814.


Vermont Republican (Windsor, VT). June 6, 1814.

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