New Hampshire 1822 Governor's Council, Coos and Grafton Counties

Governor's Council (State)
Governor's Councillor
New Hampshire 1822 Governor's Council, Coos and Grafton Counties
New Hampshire
First Ballot
Governor's Council/Governor's Councillor
Ezra Bartlett, Caleb Keith, Jeduthun Wilcox, Stephen Goodhue, Moses P. Payson, William Lovejoy, Adina W. Brackett, John French, Jonathan Kimball, Mills Olcott, William Crosby, Aaron Currier, Arthur Livermore, Thomas Page, Samuel Rogers
Candidates: Ezra Bartlett[1]Caleb KeithJeduthun WilcoxStephen GoodhueMoses P. PaysonWilliam LovejoyAdina W. BrackettJohn FrenchJonathan KimballMills OlcottWilliam CrosbyAaron CurrierArthur LivermoreThomas PageSamuel Rogers
Final Result: [2]248021141252623221022211111
District of Coos and Grafton248021141252623221022211111
Coos County22350363--2210--------
Town of Adams-66-------------
Town of Bartlett-85-------------
Town of Chatham-51-------------
Town of Colebrook42154------------
Town of Columbia42111------------
Town of Dalton2033-------------
Town of Jefferson-393------------
Town of Lancaster23435--2210--------
Town of Northumberland504-------------
Town of Percy-26-------------
Town of Sherburne-45-------------
Town of Stewartstown3519-------------
Town of Stratford-51-------------
Town of Whitefield499-------------
Grafton County22571611622623--22211111
Town of Alexandria4867-------------
Town of Bath14231-15----------
Town of Bethlehem4835-------------
Town of Bridgewater5554-------------
Town of Bristol6439-------------
Town of Campton44530-7----------
Town of Canaan[3]---------------
Town of Concord107--------------
Town of Coventry29--------------
Town of Danbury72--------------
Town of Dorchester4251-------------
Town of Ellsworth1624-------------
Town of Enfield5189-------------
Town of Franconia3433-------------
Town of Grafton12920-------------
Town of Groton366513----2------
Town of Hanover16015162-----2-----
Town of Haverhill195--------------
Town of Hebron-161821---2--1-11-
Town of Holderness7890-------------
Town of Landaff121-6------------
Town of Lebanon102109-------------
Town of Littleton1223-------------
Town of Lyman108--------------
Town of Lyme7438-------------
Town of New Chester30109-------------
Town of Orange3215-------------
Town of Orford13235--1----------
Town of Peeling-35-------------
Town of Piermont131--------------
Town of Plymouth992------------1
Town of Rumney24111-------------
Town of Thornton-116-------------
Town of Warren5838-------------
Town of Wentworth4128---------1---


[2]"From the aspect of the returns from Grafton, we are inclined to think that Ezra Bartlett of Haverhill is elected. Caleb Keith is the regular candidate." Farmer's Cabinet (Amherst, NH). March 23, 1822.
[3]There were no votes recorded in Canaan.


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