Massachusetts 1805 State Senate, Oxford and York Counties

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1805 State Senate, Oxford and York Counties
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
John Woodman, Joseph Storer, Joseph Bartlett, Joseph Leland, Andrew P. Fernald, Thomas Perkins, 3rd., Nicholas Emery, Rice, John Holmes, scattering
Candidates: John Woodman[1]Joseph StorerJoseph BartlettJoseph LelandAndrew P. FernaldThomas Perkins, 3rd.Nicholas EmeryRiceJohn Holmesscattering
Final Result: [2][3][4][5][6][7][8]2338124192180044257482412139
District of Oxford and York2338124192180044257482412139
Oxford County18211319883--24-40
Town of Brownfield4444--1-----
Town of Fryburgh77581943-----40
Hiram Plantation1811-26------
Town of Lovell19--192-----
Porterfield Plantation24------24--
York County215611289027124395748-1299
Town of Alfred72-472-----22
Town of Arundel7166-58-57----
Town of Berwick201-1987674-----
Town of Biddeford7122441812-----
Town of Buxton1501112848------
Town of Cornish40255-------
Town of Kittery144-144-------
Town of Lebanon959223534----2
Town of Limerick4845-15--14-1-
Town of Limington8587-4239----5
Town of Lyman44-174746-----
Town of Newfield31-3137--34-1-
Town of Parsonsfield144130944-----27
Town of Phillipsburg98284814------
Town of Saco19210098131----13
Town of Sandford1351131864---10-
Town of Shapleigh[9]1934714523----3
Town of Waterborough7272-12-----12
Town of Wells174162-191167----13
Town of York9628685249----2


[2]"No. Voters, 5089." Governor's Council Records. The word "Error" is pencilled in next to the voter total in the Governor's Council Records.
[3]The Governor's Council Records list John Woodman with 2181 votes, Joseph Storer with 1131 votes and Joseph Leland with 905 votes.
[4]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect. Joseph Leland would subsequently be elected by the Massachusetts General Court.
[5]"In the afternoon the two Houses again assembled. From some difficulty attending the return of Votes from the town of Shapleigh, the business of filling the vacancy in the Senate, could not be completed the last evening. The question on this matter will probably be decided this day, to which the Legislature is adjourned, to meet at 9 o'clock." The New Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth, NH). June 9, 1805.
[6]"Senate Friday May 31. The committee appointed to examine the returns of votes for Senators, made a report, which was accepted. The Hon. Mr. Hill [Republican Senator from Middlesex County] moved to strike out from the report the name of Joseph Leland, Esq. as the candidate in York county, and the 786 votes annexed to his name, and to insert Joseph Bartlett, Esq. with 798 votes annexed. On this motion the yeas were 16, nays 20." New-England Palladium (Boston, MA). June 4, 1805. Joseph Bartlett was a Republican and apparently the next highest candidate listed in the Official Canvass. After the above vote, the House and Senate in joint session assembled to elect a State Senator for York County from among those candidates mentioned in the Official Canvass. The votes was: Joseph Leland - 191 and Joseph Storer - 159.
[7]"It appeared, that an election of Senators, had been made in all the districts, excepting York, where there was one vacancy; - and that Joseph Leland, Esq. and Joseph Storer, Esq. were the candidates, to fill that vacancy. .... the two branches met in Convention, to fill the vacancy of Senator in the County of York. The Committee appointed therefor, reported the whole number of votes to be 350 ~ of which the Hon. Joseph Leland had 191 and was chosen. Mr. Storer, the democratic candidate had 159." Newburyport Herald (Newburyport, MA). June 4, 1805.
[8]"Number of Votes, 3036. Make a choice, 1519." Political Calendar And Essex Advertiser (Newburyport, MA). May 20, 1805.
[9]The votes from Shapleigh were not included in the Governor's Council Records.


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