New Hampshire 1793 Governor's Council, Grafton County

Governor's Council (State)
Governor's Councillor
New Hampshire 1793 Governor's Council, Grafton County
New Hampshire
First Ballot
Governor's Council/Governor's Councillor
Jonathan Freeman, Moses Dow, Samuel Emerson, scattering
Candidates: Jonathan FreemanMoses DowSamuel Emersonscattering
Final Result: [1][2]310195-252
Grafton County310195-252
Town of Adams----
Town of Alexandria----
Town of Bartlett----
Town of Bath----
Town of Bethlehem----
Town of Bridgewater----
Town of Burton----
Town of Campton----
Town of Canaan----
Town of Chatham----
Town of Concord----
Town of Conway----
Town of Coventry----
Town of Dorchester----
Town of Enfield----
Town of Franconia----
Town of Grafton----
Town of Groton----
Town of Hanover6812-
Town of Haverhill----
Town of Hebron----
Town of Lancaster----
Town of Landaff----
Town of Lebanon85---
Town of Lincoln----
Town of Littleton----
Town of Lyman----
Town of Lyme----
Town of New Chester----
Town of New Holderness----
Town of Northumberland----
Town of Orange----
Town of Orford----
Town of Peeling----
Town of Piermont----
Town of Plymouth----
Town of Rumney----
Town of Stewartstown----
Town of Stratford----
Town of Thornton----
Town of Warren----
Town of Wentworth-33--


[1]"That the whole number of votes returned for the county of Grafton amount to 750, of which number the Honorable Jonathan Freeman has 301, and the Honorable Moses Dow has 195, are in the nomnination, there being no choice in said county." Journal of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, 1793.
[2]Jonathan Freeman was subsequently chosen Councillor by a joint vote of the New Hampshire Legislature.


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