Vermont 1820 Council of Censors

Council of Censors (State)
Council of Censors
Vermont 1820 Council of Censors
First Ballot
Council of Censors/Council of Censors
Joel Pratt, Isaac Cushman, Charles Rich, Joseph Scott, Asa Aldis, Amos Thompson, John Phelps, William Hunter, Joel Brownson, Jedediah Hyde, William Nutting, Augustus Clark, Joshua Y. Vail, Asa Lyon, Lemuel Whitney, John W. Chandler, Elias Keyes, William Hall, Joseph Wing, John Johnson, Chauncey Fitch, Daniel Peaslee, E. Thurar
Candidates: Joel Pratt[1]Isaac Cushman[2]Charles Rich[3]Joseph Scott[4]Asa Aldis[5]Amos Thompson[6]John Phelps[7]William Hunter[8]Joel Brownson[9]Jedediah Hyde[10]William Nutting[11]Augustus Clark[12]Joshua Y. Vail[13]Asa LyonLemuel WhitneyJohn W. ChandlerElias KeyesWilliam HallJoseph WingJohn JohnsonChauncey FitchDaniel PeasleeE. Thurar
Final Result: [14][15][16][17]59925953574857405237507550565008500650064489427341941097985979961843807780734701-
Franklin County-----------------------
Town of Georgia3939393933333333333333333366666666-6
Windsor County-----------------------
Town of Windsor[18]71707170707171657156597162----------


[14]The Rutland Vermont Herald (Rutland, VT), The Vermont Republican and American Yeoman (Windsor, VT), May 9, The National Standard (Middlebury, VT), The Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT) and The Religious Reporter (Middlebury, VT) report 4190 votes for Joshua Y. Vail.
[15]"The Clerks of the several County Courts in this State, assembled at the State House in Montpelier on the 3d inst. to sort and count the voes for a Council of Censors. The following is the result ." Woodstock Observer (Woodstock, VT). May 16, 1820.
[16]Woodstock Observer (Woodstock, VT) uses the spelling Peasley for Daniel Peaslee.
[17]The Georgia Town Records uses the name S. Whiting for Lemuel Whitney.
[18]"The Election of a Council of Censors (to review the laws of this state, passed since the year 1814, and propose amendments thereto to the next General Assembly, if amendment be tho't necessary) took place on Wednesday last.--From the result in this town, which is given below, it would seem the election was not very strenuously contested. Indeed it has excited so little interest, that we have not received returns from any of the neighboring towns." Vermont Republican and American Yeoman (Windsor, VT). April 3, 1820.


Georgia Town Records.
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