New York 1807 Assembly, Rensselaer County

Assembly (State)
New York 1807 Assembly, Rensselaer County
New York
First Ballot
J. L. Hogeboom, Jacob Yates, Ebenezer Jones, Adam Yates, Henry Platt, C. Schermerhorn, Samuel Vary, Jr., B. Wallworth, John Van Woert, M. Groesbeck
Candidates: J. L. Hogeboom[1]Jacob Yates[2]Ebenezer Jones[3]Adam Yates[4]Henry PlattC. SchermerhornSamuel Vary, Jr.B. WallworthJohn Van WoertM. Groesbeck
Final Result: 1996198919881985198219821976196719661963
Rensselaer County[5][6][7]1996198919881985198219821976196719661963
Town of Berlin[8][9]123123123172172172120122170170
Town of Brunswick[10]1571581579490911571549191
Town of Grafton[11]77777761626276776162
Town of Greenbush242242243222225224241242223222
Town of Hoosick182182181134130133182170132132
Town of Lansingburgh7778761121111117777111110
Town of Petersburgh1451441457170711451447070
Town of Philipstown8080802242232248079224224
Town of Pittstown291290291125125125288288123123
Town of Schaghticoke[12]1941911939797981901919395
Town of Schodack175171171192193193169170191191
Town of Stephentown5658582512542526458249246
Town of Troy[13]197195193230230226187195228227


[5]The Lansingburgh Gazette, May 5, lists 1984 votes for Adam Yates in Rensselaer county.
[6]The New-York Herald (New York, NY), May 9, lists 1082 votes for Henry Platt in Rensselaer county.
[7]"Mess. Hogeboom, J. Yates, Jones, and A. Yates, are elected. Mess. Platt and Schermerhorn are the next highest on the list; but having an equal number of votes, neither is elected; and this country will return but four, instead of five members, to which it is entitled. A similar circumstance occurred in this county in 1802." Lansingburgh Gazette (Lansingburgh, NY). May 5, 1807.
[8]The Lansingburgh Gazette, May 12, lists 272 votes for C. Schermerhorn in Berlin.
[9]The Northern Budget, May 5 and 12, and The Albany Register (Albany, NY), May 7, list 123 votes for B. Wallworth in Berlin.
[10]The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) lists 19 votes for Mindert Groesbeck and 19 votes for Cornelius I. Schermerhorn in Brunswick.
[11]The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) lists 26 votes for Cornelius I. Schermerhorn in Grafton.
[12]The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) lists 96 votes for Mindert Groesbeck in Schaghticoke.
[13]The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) lists 145 votes for Jacob Yates in Troy.


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