Connecticut 1803 Council of Assistants, Nomination

Council of Assistants (State)
Connecticut 1803 Council of Assistants, Nomination
First Ballot
Council of Assistants/Councillor
Chauncey Goodrich, William Edmond, Nathaniel Smith, David Daggett, Elizur Goodrich, Jonathan Brace, Oliver Ellsworth, William Hillhouse, John Allen, Stephen T. Hosmer, Aaron Austin, Matthew Griswold, John Chester, Roger Newberry, Simeon Baldwin, Shubael Abbe, Jonathan Barnes, Henry Champion, Joseph Walker, Jabez Clark, Asa Spalding, Elisha Hyde, Ebenezer Devotion, William Hart, Thomas Seymour, Jonathan Bull, Jabez Fitch, Walter Bradley, Daniel Tilden, Rufus Hitchcock, Elijah Munson, Latham Hull, Ebenezer Barnard, John Welch, Elijah Boardman, Isaac Spencer, 2nd, Jabez H. Tomlinson, John T. Peters, Ephraim Starr, Samuel Whittlesey
Candidates: Chauncey Goodrich[1]William Edmond[2]Nathaniel Smith[3]David Daggett[4]Elizur Goodrich[5]Jonathan Brace[6]Oliver Ellsworth[7]William Hillhouse[8]John Allen[9]Stephen T. Hosmer[10]Aaron Austin[11]Matthew Griswold[12]John Chester[13]Roger Newberry[14]Simeon Baldwin[15]Shubael Abbe[16]Jonathan Barnes[17]Henry Champion[18]Joseph Walker[19]Jabez Clark[20]Asa SpaldingElisha HydeEbenezer DevotionWilliam HartThomas SeymourJonathan BullJabez FitchWalter BradleyDaniel TildenRufus HitchcockElijah MunsonLatham HullEbenezer BarnardJohn WelchElijah BoardmanIsaac Spencer, 2ndJabez H. TomlinsonJohn T. PetersEphraim StarrSamuel Whittlesey
Final Result: [21][22]11438113921134311317112991129211221111531111811095110681102410963109371089110197101441012010098947968156809676767466701667466316556654365146509645564016395636963436341613060285999
Fairfield County----------------------------------------
Hartford County----------------------------------------
City of Hartford272269271275271273258260272269273270264266267269259267265263175154155156158162155154154148155152143152158156154155149158
Litchfield County----------------------------------------
Town of Cornwall-----------------------11---------------
Town of Litchfield[23]----------------------------------------
Town of New Milford[24]----------------------------------------
Middlesex County----------------------------------------
New Haven County----------------------------------------
New London County----------------------------------------
City of Norwich99999999999999999999999999999999999999994747474747474747474747474747474747474747
Tolland County----------------------------------------
Windham County----------------------------------------
Town of Windham9291919191919090919090909091847989898074--------------------


[21]The American Mercury (Hartford, CT), Connecticut Centinel (Norwich, CT) and Connecticut Journal (New Haven, CT) list William Edmond with 11393 votes.
[22]The Connecticut Centinel (Norwich, CT) lists Ebenezer Barnard with 6404 votes.
[23]"In this town the average Federal majority for Council exceeded 110." The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY). September 26, 1803.
[24]"In [New Milford] the average Federal majority for Council exceeded ... 26." The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY). September 26, 1803.


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