Massachusetts 1801 House of Representatives, Boston

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Massachusetts 1801 House of Representatives, Boston
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Charles Jarvis, Russell Sturgis, George Blake, David Tilden, Nathaniel Fellows, Benjamin Austin, Jr., James Prince, John Coffin Jones, Samuel Parkman, William Smith, Joseph Russell, John Phillips, Samuel Cobb, Jonathan Hunnewell, Josiah Quincy
Candidates: Charles Jarvis[1]Russell Sturgis[2]George Blake[3]David Tilden[4]Nathaniel Fellows[5]Benjamin Austin, Jr.[6]James Prince[7]John Coffin JonesSamuel ParkmanWilliam SmithJoseph RussellJohn PhillipsSamuel CobbJonathan HunnewellJosiah Quincy
Final Result: [8][9][10][11][12]1474146914671467146014561455128112771276127212691267125321
Town of Boston1474146914671467146014561455128112771276127212691267125321


[8]The National Intelligencer and Washington Advertiser (Washington, DC) reports 1287 votes for John Coffin Jones.
[9]"At a meeting of the Freeholders and other inhabitants of the Town of Boston duly qualified and legally warned in public town meeting assembled at Faneuil Hall on Wednesday the thirteenth day of May Anno Domini 1801, 10 oClock A M ... The town having determined by a vote to choose seven persons to represent them in the General Court of Massachusetts to be holden in the State house in Boston on the last Wenesday in May current agreeable to the constitution or frame of Government for Massachusetts; the Inhabitants were directed by the Selectmen to withdraw and bring in their votes for seven Representatives and then it was declared by the Selectmen that no votes would be received but such as are unfolded, and that they propose the Poll shall be closed at 1/2 past One oClock. the assessors to attend at the delivery of the votes, and the bell to begin tolling at 1 oClock, and to continue tolling untill half an hour is expired. The votes being brought in for seven Representatives, the whole number of the same were found to be 2745, and upon sorting them it appeared that the following seven Gentlemen had obtained a majority of the Votes viz ...The votes given for such as did not obtain were for ... besides, a few scattering votes. The choice of Representatives being over and declared by the Selectmen. ... Messrs. Tilden Fellowes and Sturgis letters purporting their resignation as representatives received and read to the Inhabitants. ... On Friday 10 oClock A M the Town met to adjournment The Selectmen presided. The letters of Messrs. Tilden Sturgis and Fellowes purporting their resignation as Representatives as also their joint letter purporting their acceptance of that trust were read and after debate thereon Joseph Russell Esq. moved and was seconded by Dr. Jarvis that this meeting be dissolved, and the question being accordingly put passed in the affirmative almost unanimously and the meeting was then dissolved." Thirty-Fifth Report Boston Records, 103-105.
[10]"On Wednesday afternoon, Messrs STURGIS, TILDEN and FELLOWES acquainted the Selectmen in writing, that they declined accepting their appointments.--In consequence, a notification issued for a Meeting yesterday to supply the vacancies; On Thursday, however, those gentlemen, induced by the persuasion of their friends, withdrew their objections and consented to take their seats as Representatives for the year ensuing. The inhabitants met yesterday, and though it was generally admitted the seats were vacated by their resignation, they nevertheless considered that the question was cognizable only by the House of Representatives, and the meeting was, therefore, dissolved.--We are very confident Boston will have but four Representatives the current year." Columbian Centinel. Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). May 16, 1801.
[11]"BOSTON, May 14, 1801. The annual election for the choice of Town Representatives to the legislature, was held in this place yesterday; and we are sorry to say, terminated in favor of the Jacobin ticket." National Intelligencer and Washington Advertiser (Washington, DC). May 22, 1801.
[12]"Yesterday the town assembled for the purpose of choosing Representatives for the ensuing year. The spirit of Republicanism was active on this occasion. The utmost harmony prevailed during the whole business, and the issue of the election is a verification of the correctness of Hamilton's toast, viz.--'The town of BOSTON, THE HEAD QUARTERS OF GOOD PRINCIPLES.'" The Independent Chronicle: and the Universal Advertiser (Boston, MA). May 14, 1801.


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The Independent Chronicle: and the Universal Advertiser (Boston, MA). May 14, 1801.
Columbian Centinel. Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). May 16, 1801.
National Intelligencer and Washington Advertiser (Washington, DC). May 22, 1801.

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