Massachusetts 1808 State Senate, Hancock, Lincoln and Washington Counties

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1808 State Senate, Hancock, Lincoln and Washington Counties
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
William King, Theodore Lincoln, Francis Carr, Samuel Thatcher, David Payson, William Golder, Ezra Purinton, William Vinall, John Crosby, Martin Kinsley, Abiel Wood, Jr.
Candidates: William King[1]Theodore LincolnFrancis CarrSamuel ThatcherDavid PaysonWilliam GolderEzra PurintonWilliam VinallJohn CrosbyMartin KinsleyAbiel Wood, Jr.
Final Result: [2][3][4][5]381328712774--------
District of Hancock, Lincoln and Washington381328712774--------
Hancock County-----------
Town of Bangor90369636---5---
Town of Belfast-----------
Town of Blue Hill-----------
Town of Buckstown2310223984------
Town of Castine-----------
Town of Deer Isle-106-------67-
Town of Dixmont-----------
Eddington Plantation-----------
Town of Eden-----------
Town of Ellsworth-----------
Town of Frankfurt-----------
Town of Gouldsborough-----------
Town of Hampden-----------
Town of Islesborough-----------
Town of Lincolnville-----------
Town of Mount Desert-----------
Town of Northport-----------
Town of Orland-----------
Town of Orono-----------
Town of Orrington-----------
Town of Penobscot-----------
Town of Prospect-----------
Town of Sedgwick-----------
Town of Sullivan-----------
Town of Surry-----------
Town of Trenton-----------
Town of Vinalhaven-----------
Plantation No. 3-----------
Lincoln County-----------
Ballstown Plantation-----------
Town of Bath-----------
Town of Boothbay-----------
Town of Bowdoin-----------
Town of Bowdoinham-----------
Town of Bristol-----------
Town of Camden-----------
Town of Cushing399399-------
Town of Dresden655465-54------
Town of Edgecomb-----------
Town of Friendship-----------
Town of Georgetown-----------
Town of Hope-----------
Town of Jefferson-----------
Town of Lewiston39713971-11----
Town of Lisbon-----------
Town of Litchfield-----------
Town of Montville-----------
Town of New Castle-----------
Town of New Milford-----------
Town of Nobleborough-----------
Town of Palermo-----------
Town of Saint George-----------
Town of Thomaston-----------
Town of Topsham-----------
Town of Union-----------
Town of Waldoborough-----------
Wales Plantation-----------
Town of Warren-----------
Town of Wiscasset7413074-------130
Town of Woolwich-----------
Washington County-----------
Town of Addison-----------
Cherryfield Plantation-----------
Town of Columbia-----------
Town of Eastport-----------
Town of Harrington-----------
Town of Machias-----------
Town of Steuben-----------
Plantation No. 8 and 9-----------
Plantation No. 22-----------


[2]"No. Voters, 6709. Make a choice, 3355." Governor's Council Records.
[3]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect. Theodore Lincoln would subsequently be elected by the Massachusetts General Court.
[4]"Republican Ticket. .... G. Ulmer and Abiel Wood, Jr. DECLINED being candidates." Eastern Argus (Portland, ME). March 31, 1808.
[5]"There are two vacancies in the Senate, .... In Lincoln, etc. district, the candidates are Theodore Lincoln, Esq (federal) who had 2871 votes; and Francis Carr, Esq. (democratic) who had 2774 votes." Columbian Centinel. Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). May 25, 1808.


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