Massachusetts 1820 Electoral College, Berkshire District

Electoral College (Federal)
Massachusetts 1820 Electoral College, Berkshire District
First Ballot
Electoral College/Elector
Timothy Child, Hugo Burghardt, Joseph Woodbridge, Thomas W. Dwight, William P. Walker, Benjamin W. Crowninshield, Daniel Collins, W. Dwight, Levi Lincoln, Nathaniel Willis
Electors: Timothy ChildHugo BurghardtJoseph WoodbridgeThomas W. DwightWilliam P. WalkerBenjamin W. CrowninshieldDaniel CollinsW. DwightLevi LincolnNathaniel Willis
Presidential Candidate:
Final Result: [1]13731321215411111
District of Berkshire13731321215411111
Berkshire County13621265215311111
Town of Adams96---------
Town of Alford3420--------
Town of Becket[2]24921-------
Town of Chesire99---------
Town of Clarksburg[3]----------
Town of Dalton2428--1-----
Town of Egremont[4]5227--------
Town of Florida[5]----------
Town of Great Barrington29109--------
Town of Hancock[6]1833--------
Town of Hinsdale[7]1652--------
Town of Lanesborough4254----1---
Town of Lee16159--------
Town of Lenox[8]11538--------
Town of Mount Washington15---------
District of New Ashford[9]225--------
Town of New Marlborough49107--------
Town of Otis[10]3046--------
Town of Peru344-5------
Town of Pittsfield[11]12874-------1
Town of Richmond4144--------
Town of Sandisfield8842--------
Town of Savoy27---------
Town of Sheffield6170--------
Town of Stockbridge47100--------
Town of Tyringham4041---1-11-
Town of Washington2318--1-----
Town of West Stockbridge[12]4936--------
Town of Williamstown7338--1-----
Town of Windsor[13]3331--------
Hampshire County1156--1-----
Town of Middlefield1156--1-----


[1]Hugo Burghardt was absent when the Electors met to cast their ballots. The Electors then unanimously choose Joseph Woodbridge as his replacement.
[2]The Berkshire Star (Stockbridge, MA) reports 50 votes for Hugo Burghardt.
[3]There were no votes recorded in Clarksburg.
[4]The votes from Egremont were not included in the Original Election Returns.
[5]There were no votes recorded in Florida.
[6]The Berkshire Star (Stockbridge, MA) reports 32 votes for Hugo Burghardt.
[7]The Berkshire Star (Stockbridge, MA) reports 14 votes for Timothy Child and 55 for Hugo Burghardt.
[8]The Berkshire Star (Stockbridge, MA) reports 119 votes for Timothy Child and 44 for Hugo Burghardt.
[9]The votes from New Ashford were rejected as "return not good" and the votes were not included in the Official Totals.
[10]The Berkshire Star (Stockbridge, MA) reports 12 votes for Timothy Child and 42 for Hugo Burghardt.
[11]The Berkshire Star (Stockbridge, MA) reports 129 votes for Timothy Child.
[12]The Berkshire Star (Stockbridge, MA) reports 53 votes for Timothy Child and 39 for Hugo Burghardt.
[13]The Berkshire Star (Stockbridge, MA) reports 30 votes for Hugo Burghardt.


Original Election Returns. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston.
Berkshire Star (Stockbridge, MA). November 9, 1820.
Berkshire Star (Stockbridge, MA). November 16, 1820.
The Essex Register (Salem, MA). December 9, 1820.

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