Vermont 1803 Governor

Governor (State)
Vermont 1803 Governor
First Ballot
Isaac Tichenor, Jonathan Robinson, Moses Robinson, Jonas Galusha, Paul Brigham, John Leverett, Israel Smith, Benjamin Swan, Paul Spooner, Joseph Spooner, Josiah Wright, Thomas Brigham, John Campbell, Darius Chapman, Isaac Chiliman, George Feller, Lot Hall, Robert Hollery, John L. Larrabee, David Leverett, Lewis R. Morris, Gideon Olin, Andrew G. Peters, Seth Pomery, Timothy Robinson, David Sanderson, Abel Spencer, Dan Stone, scattering
Candidates: Isaac Tichenor[1]Jonathan RobinsonMoses RobinsonJonas GalushaPaul BrighamJohn LeverettIsrael SmithBenjamin SwanPaul SpoonerJoseph SpoonerJosiah WrightThomas BrighamJohn CampbellDarius ChapmanIsaac ChilimanGeorge FellerLot HallRobert HolleryJohn L. LarrabeeDavid LeverettLewis R. MorrisGideon OlinAndrew G. PetersSeth PomeryTimothy RobinsonDavid SandersonAbel SpencerDan Stonescattering
Final Result: 79405408--------------------------179
Addison County-----------------------------
Town of Addison2539---1-1---------------------
Town of Bridport6564--1------------------------
Town of Bristol[2]1251---------------1-----------
Town of Ferrisburgh4924--2------------------------
Town of Hancock912---------------------------
Town of Middlebury8526---------------------------
Town of Monkton1158-------------------------1-
Town of New Haven5359---1-----------------------
Town of Panton361---------------------------
Town of Shoreham5070-----2----------1----------
City of Vergennes5728---1-----------------------
Bennington County-----------------------------
Town of Bennington[3]92126----5---------------------10
Town of Brumley25----------------------------
Town of Pownal14086--1-----2------------------
Town of Readsboro11--17-------------------------
Town of Sandgate10819---------------------------
Town of Shaftsbury[4]539340121-1----------------------
Caledonia County-----------------------------
Town of Burke1220---------------------------
Town of Cabot3531---------------------------
Town of Calais2417---------------------------
Town of Danville9057---------------------------
Town of Marshfield19----------------------------
Town of Montpelier5912---------------------------
Town of Peacham1028---------------------------
Town of Plainfield1710--1------------------------
Town of Saint Johnsbury669---------------------------
Town of Sheffield28----------------------------
Town of Walden247---------------------------
Town of Wheelock571---------------------------
Chittenden County-----------------------------
Town of Colchester412----2----------------------
Town of Essex4144--1-2-----------------1----
Town of Jericho4567--11-----------------------
Town of Milton[5]4040--1------------------------
Town of Shelburne6213---------------------------
Town of Stowe1931---------------------------
Town of Underhill136---------------------------
Essex County-----------------------------
Town of Brunswick72---------------------------
Town of Guildhall2415---------------------------
Town of Lemington6----------------------------
Town of Lunenburg4311--11-----------------------
Franklin County-----------------------------
Town of Berkshire1624----1----------------------
Town of Enosburgh169---------------------------
Town of Highgate4411---------------------------
Town of Huntsburgh2326---------------------------
Town of Montgomery18----------------------------
Town of Richford135---------------------------
Town of Saint Albans9520----1----------------1-----
Town of Vineyard159---------------------------
Orange County-----------------------------
Town of Bradford4452--3---------------1-1------
Town of Chelsea6042---------------------------
Town of Fairlee2250------2--------------------
Town of Newbury6068---------------------------
Town of Randolph9842---1-----------------------
Town of Roxbury516---------------------------
Town of Tunbridge5627---------------------------
Town of Washington3244---------------------------
Orleans County-----------------------------
Town of Brownington19----------------------------
Town of Duncansboro15----------------------------
Town of Elmore103---------------------------
Town of Glover157---------------------------
Rutland County[6]-----------------------------
Town of Benson7870--2---------1------1-------
Town of Castleton9460---------------------------
Town of Clarendon[7]4396---------------------------
Town of Middletown5669---------------------------
Town of Mount Holly[8]1042-------3-------------------
Town of Orwell31713--------------------------
Town of Pittsfield1024--1------------------------
Town of Pittsford8311--221----------------------
Town of Rutland[9][10]1968--1--1-----1------------1--
Windham County-----------------------------
Town of Brattleborough13621---------------------------
Town of Dummerston1445---------------------------
Town of Grafton77----------------------------
Town of Halifax8021---------------------------
Town of Jamaica28----------------------------
Town of Marlboro[11]65---1------------------------
Town of Newfane[12]6631--1-----------------------
Town of Putney9020---1------1------1---------
Town of Rockingham[13]10336-----------------------1---
Town of Somerset177---------------------------
Town of Stratton223---------------------------
Town of Townshend86----------------------------
Town of Wardsboro82----------------------------
Town of Westminster9553---1-1--------1------------
Town of Wilmington6714-----1---------------------
Windsor County[14]-----------------------------
Town of Andover1142---------------------------
Town of Barnard5139---------------------------
Town of Bethel4321---------------------------
Town of Bridgewater2844---------------------------
Town of Cavendish771--2------------------------
Town of Chester11533--11---------1-------------
Town of Hartford5892---------------------------
Town of Hartland41108--2--1---------------------
Town of Plymouth232---------------------------
Town of Pomfret1058---------------------------
Town of Reading2082----4----------------------
Town of Royalton10640--13-----1-----------------
Town of Sharon5932-----1---------------------
Town of Springfield7928---------------------------
Town of Stockbridge-51---------------------------
Town of Windsor591998--------------------------
Town of Woodstock33205---------------------------


[2]Jonathan Robinson received 3 votes as Jno. Robinson.
[3]The Vermont Mercury, September 12, and The Reporter, September 19, report 95 votes for Isaac Tichenor and 26 for Jonathan Robinson in Bennington.
[4]Isaac Tichenor received 1 vote as Gov. Tichenor
[5]Jonathan Robinson received 1 vote as Jno. Robinson.
[6]The Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT), October 18, reports "a 223 majority for Isaac Tichenor" in Rutland and Bennington Counties.
[7]The Rutland Herald (Rutland, VT), Septebmer 10, reports 74 votes for Isaac Tichenor in Castleton.
[8]Joseph Spooner received 3 votes as Joseph Spinner.
[9]The Vermont Mercury, September 12, The Reporter, September 19, and the Rutland Herald (Rutland, VT), September 10, report 199 votes for Isaac Tichenor in Rutland.
[10]Darius Chapman received 1 vote as Darius Chipman.
[11]Marlboro Town Records do not list any votes for Johnathan Robinson, but another source reported 21 votes for him in Marlboro.
[12]The notation in the Newfane Town Records concerning votes received by Jonathan Robinson was probably 3, but could perhaps have been 8.
[13]The Reporter, September 19, reports 108 votes for Isaac Tichenor and 30 for Jonathan Robinson in Rockingham.
[14]The Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT), October 18, notes "a 418 majority against Mr. Tichenor" in Windsor County.


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Putney Town Records.
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Reading Town Records.
Readsboro Town Records.
Richford Town Records.
Rockingham Town Records.
Roxbury Town Records.
Royalton Town Records.
Rutland Town Records.
Saint Albans Town Records.
Saint Johnsbury Town Records.
Shaftsbury Town Records.
Sharon Town Records.
Sheffield Town Records.
Shelburne Town Records.
Shoreham Town Records.
Shrewsbury Town Records.
Somerset Town Records.
Springfield Town Records.
Stockbridge Town Records.
Stowe Town Records.
Stratton Town Records.
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Isle La Motte Town Records.
Walden Town Records.
Wardsboro Town Records.
Warren Town Records.
Washington Town Records.
Westminster Town Records.
Wheelock Town Records.
Wilmington Town Records.
Windsor Town Records.
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Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT). October 18, 1803.
Vermont Centinel (Burlington, VT). October 20, 1803.

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