Massachusetts 1791 State Senate, Hancock, Lincoln and Washington Counties

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1791 State Senate, Hancock, Lincoln and Washington Counties
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Dummer Sewall, Alexander Campbell, Waterman Thomas, Daniel Coney
Candidates: Dummer SewallAlexander CampbellWaterman ThomasDaniel Coney
Final Result: [1][2]691522--
District of Hancock, Lincoln and Washington691522--
Hancock County----
Town of Bangor----
Town of Belfast----
Town of Blue Hill-12-7
Town of Cambden----
Town of Deer Isle----
Town of Frankfurt----
Town of Gouldsborough----
Town of Islesborough----
Town of Mount Desert----
Town of Orrington----
Town of Penobscot----
Town of Sedgwick----
Town of Sullivan----
Town of Trenton----
Town of Vinalhaven----
E. Tide Penobscot River----
Lincoln County----
Ballstown Plantation----
Town of Bath----
Town of Boothbay----
Town of Bowdoin----
Town of Bowdoinham----
Town of Bristol----
Town of Canaan----
Town of Cushing--59-
Town of Edgecomb----
Town of Fairfield----
Town of Georgetown----
Town of Green----
Town of Hallowell----
Hancock Plantation----
Town of Medencook----
Town of Newcastle----
Town of Nobleboro----
Town of Norridgewock----
Town of Pittston----
Town of Pownalboro----
Town of Readfield----
Town of Thomastown----
Town of Topsham----
Town of Union----
Town of Vassalboro----
Town of Waldoboro----
Town of Wales----
Town of Warren----
Town of Winslow----
Town of Winthrop----
Town of Woolwich----
Washington County----
Town of Machias-137--
Plantation E. Tide Union River No. 4----
Plantation E. Tide Union River No. 5----
Plantation E. Tide Union River No. 6----
Plantation E. Tide Union River No. 22----


[1]"No. Voters, 1965. Make a choice, 983. No choice." Governor's Council Records.
[2]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect. Alexander Campbell would subsequently be elected by the Massachusetts General Court.


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