New York 1807 Assembly, Montgomery County

Assembly (State)
New York 1807 Assembly, Montgomery County
New York
First Ballot
Alexander Sheldon, Peter C. Fox, Harmanus A. Veeder, Henry Fonda, Lawrence Gross, James Lansing, Tunis Van Vanderveer, Jacob Waggoner, Jonathan Hallet, Jacob Shew, James Vanderveer, James Hallet, Cornelius Derveer, John Fox, Andrew Gray, William Van Olinda, John Vandeveer, Abraham A. Vedder, Jost Waggoner, Teunis Waggoner
Candidates: Alexander Sheldon[1]Peter C. Fox[2]Harmanus A. Veeder[3]Henry Fonda[4]Lawrence Gross[5]James LansingTunis Van VanderveerJacob WaggonerJonathan HalletJacob ShewJames VanderveerJames HalletCornelius DerveerJohn FoxAndrew GrayWilliam Van OlindaJohn VandeveerAbraham A. VedderJost WaggonerTeunis Waggoner
Final Result: 20662047199619891971194519131901189318905211111111
Montgomery County20662047199619891971194519131901189318905211111111
Town of Amsterdam[6][7]181177173172123118113114116109---------1
Town of Broadalbin1681681651691704747484548-2----1---
Town of Canajohary[8][9][10]249242252242254146143139142142--------1-
Town of Charleston332323303308302195200192172169----------
Town of Florida[11]123122123119123127128127126127----------
Town of Hope--------------------
Town of Johnstown[12][13][14]2912932852962913783683723723775-11------
Town of Lake Pleasant--------------------
Town of Manheim93929291918887868687----------
Town of Mayfield101979895967068696970----------
Town of Minden[15]158151156151162237232232235233-----1----
Town of Northampton37353535357878787876----------
Town of Openheim--------------------
Town of Palatine[16][17]226246213219227289280276287277----1--1--
Town of Salisbury88888136135134135135----------
Town of Stratford39393939391919191919----------
Town of Wells60545445501715151121----------


[6]Harmanus A. Veeder received 3 votes as Harmanus Veeder.
[7]Peter C. Fox received 1 vote as Peter Fox.
[8]Harmanus A. Veeder received 18 votes as Harmanus Veeder.
[9]Jonathan Hallet received 3 votes as Jno. Hallet.
[10]The Albany Register (Albany, NY), May 14, lists 131 votes for Jonathan Hallet in Canajohary.
[11]The Albany Register (Albany, NY), May 14, lists 128 votes for Alexander Sheldon in Florida.
[12]Harmanus A. Veeder received 1 vote as Harmanus Veeder.
[13]Henry Fonda received 1 vote as Henry I. Fonda.
[14]The Albany Register (Albany, NY), May 14, lists 290 votes for Henry Fonda and 376 votes for Jacob Shew in Johnstown.
[15]The Albany Register (Albany, NY), May 14, lists 150 votes for Henry Fonda in Minden.
[16]Harmanus A. Veeder received 1 vote as Harmanus Veeder.
[17]The Albany Register (Albany, NY), May 14, lists 218 votes for Henry Fonda in Palatine.


Original Election Returns.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). May 14, 1807.

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