New Hampshire 1791 State Senate, Rockingham County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New Hampshire 1791 State Senate, Rockingham County
New Hampshire
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
John T. Gilman, Nathaniel Rogers, James Sheafe, Abiel Foster, Phillips White, Nathaniel Peabody, Christopher Toppan, John Bell, Joseph Cilley, James MacGregore, Peter Green, John MacClary, John Peirce, John Prentice, John S. Sherburne, Daniel Rindge, Joshua Wentworth, Jonathan Warner, Bradbury Cilley, George Gains, Henry Prescott, William Plummer, Daniel Humphreys
Candidates: John T. GilmanNathaniel RogersJames SheafeAbiel FosterPhillips WhiteNathaniel PeabodyChristopher ToppanJohn BellJoseph CilleyJames MacGregorePeter GreenJohn MacClaryJohn PeirceJohn PrenticeJohn S. SherburneDaniel RindgeJoshua WentworthJonathan WarnerBradbury CilleyGeorge GainsHenry PrescottWilliam PlummerDaniel Humphreys
Final Result: [1]--1205118611561122876723---------------
Rockingham County--1205118611561122876723---------------
Town of Allenstown-----------------------
Town of Atkinson-----------------------
Town of Bow-25-26---252-24----25-------
Town of Brentwood6357572757--57---------------
Town of Candia-----------------------
Town of Canterbury32-362466281--3840-------7-3-
Town of Chester-----------------------
Town of Chichester-----------------------
Town of Concord63194814017133211313410143---------3-
Town of Deerfield-----------------------
Town of East Kingston-----------------------
Town of Epping-----------------------
Town of Epsom-----------------------
Town of Exeter154107922575126--104--75-----------
Town of Greenland-----------------------
Town of Hampstead-----------------------
Town of Hampton-----------------------
Town of Hampton Falls-----------------------
Town of Hawke-----------------------
Town of Kensington-----------------------
Town of Kingston-----------------------
Town of Londonderry126-78--121-46-113--8572---------
Town of Loudon-----------------------
Town of New Castle-----------------------
Town of Newington-----------------------
Town of Newmarket-----------------------
Town of Newton-----------------------
Town of North Hampton-----------------------
Town of Northfield-----------------------
Town of Northwood-----------------------
Town of Nottingham7787474-603-842713--51--8---2
Town of Pelham-----------------------
Town of Pembroke-----------------------
Town of Pittsfield-----------------------
Town of Plaistow-----------------------
Town of Poplin-----------------------
Town of Portsmouth[2]2392572312719078221-174411----353939-----
Town of Raymond-----------------------
Town of Rye373739421123-21-19---60-9---7--
Town of Salem-----------------------
Town of Sandown-----------------------
Town of Seabrook-----------------------
Town of South Hampton-----------------------
Town of Stratham-----------------------
Town of Windham-----------------------


[1]"We find the amount of the whole number to be 12719 - That the Hon. John T. Gilman and Nathaniel Rogers Esq having a majority of votes are elected and have been summoned accordingly - But as no other person has a majority." New Hampshire Early State Papers. Volume XXII. 270.
[2]The Osborne's New-Hampshire Spy (Portsmouth, NH), March 23, reports 43 votes for James MacGregrore in Portsmouth.


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