Vermont 1796 U.S. House of Representatives, District 1

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Vermont 1796 U.S. House of Representatives, District 1
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Matthew Lyon, Israel Smith, Samuel Williams, Nathaniel Chipman, Isaac Tichenor, Gideon Olin, Enoch Woodbridge, Jonas Galusha, Daniel Chipman, Samuel Hitchcock, Samuel Safford, Jonathan Robinson, Noah Smith, Ebenezer Marvin, William C. Harrington, Gameliel Painter, Timothy Todd, Ira Allen, Hubbard Barlow, Eli Cogfell, Cole, Roswell Hopkins, Levi House, Joshua Hyde, Chauncey Langdon, Samuel Miller, Nathan Osgood, David Robinson, David Sheldon, Enos Smith, Josiah Smith, Solomon Waldbridge, David Whitney, Samuel Williams, Peter Wright
Candidates: Matthew LyonIsrael SmithSamuel WilliamsNathaniel ChipmanIsaac TichenorGideon OlinEnoch WoodbridgeJonas GalushaDaniel ChipmanSamuel HitchcockSamuel SaffordJonathan RobinsonNoah SmithEbenezer MarvinWilliam C. HarringtonGameliel PainterTimothy ToddIra AllenHubbard BarlowEli CogfellColeRoswell HopkinsLevi HouseJoshua HydeChauncey LangdonSamuel MillerNathan OsgoodDavid RobinsonDavid SheldonEnos SmithJosiah SmithSolomon WaldbridgeDavid WhitneySamuel WilliamsPeter Wright
Final Result: [1][2][3]178396732231028719818814786528543222111111111111111111
District of Western178396732231028719818814786528543222111111111111111111
Addison County-----------------------------------
Town of Bridport21-572------------------------------
Town of Bristol4---126-----------------------------
Town of Cornwall47166561-55-6------------------------
Town of Ferrisburgh4---5125--------------1-------------
Town of Hancock14-1--1-----------------------------
Town of Panton13213--------------------------------
Town of Shoreham36220-17--18-------------------------
City of Vergennes[4]5--53443--10--------------------1----
Bennington County-----------------------------------
Town of Bennington10106-4332-7-1-3-----------------------
Town of Readsboro-22---------------------------------
Town of Shaftsbury710---2-83--------------------------1
Town of Winhall22---------1----------------1-------
Chittenden County-----------------------------------
Town of Georgia[5]49154--1-----------------------------
Town of Highgate18----------------------------------
Town of Jericho12--26--138---3----------------------
Town of Milton32-7-1------------------------1-----
Town of Shelburne422--2------------------------------
Rutland County-----------------------------------
Town of Benson82117-71-----------------------------
Town of Mount Holly[6]7-10--------------------------------
Town of Pittsfield1-1--7-----------------------------
Town of Pittsford9--72912--11-------------------------


[1]Vermont law required a majority to elect for the U.S. House of Representatives. A second ballot would be held on December 11, 1796. The Rising Sun, November 29, notes "As no person in the Western District, Vermont, obtained a majority of all the votes for Representative to Congress, the constables of all the towns are commanded to warn of a meeting on the first Tuesday in December next, for the purpose of again balloting."
[2]The Rising Sun (Keene, NH), November 15, lists Matthew Lyon with 1713 votes, Enoch Woodbridge with 186 votes, and Daniel Chipman with 88 votes.
[3]The Rising Sun, November 29, reports 291 votes for Gideon Olin.
[4]Gideon Olin received 2 votes as Judge Olin.
[5]Samuel Williams received 1 vote as "Doct. Williams".
[6]A second report lists Samuel Williams' vote count at 01 rather than 10.


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The Rutland Herald: a Register of the Times (Rutland, VT). October 24, 1796.
The Eagle: or, Dartmouth Centinel (Hanover, NH). November 7, 1796.
The Rutland Herald: a Register of the Times (Rutland, VT). November 7, 1796.
The Rising Sun (Keene, NH). November 15, 1796.
The Rising Sun (Keene, NH). November 29, 1796.

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