Vermont 1794 U.S. House of Representatives, District 2

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Vermont 1794 U.S. House of Representatives, District 2
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Nathaniel Niles, Daniel Buck, Jonathan Hunt, Stephen Jacob, Lewis R. Morris, Cornelius Lynde, Paul Brigham, Lot Hall, Elijah Robinson, Stephen R. Bradley, Samuel Knight, Samuel Cutler, Reuben Atwater, Daniel Farrand, Royal Tyler, Benjamin Green, Benjamin Henry, Oliver Gallup, James Whitelaw, Asa Burton, Benjamin Emmons, Isaac Green, Israel Morey, William Bigelow, John Bridgman, William Buckminster, Alexander Harvey, Joseph Lewis, Alden Spooner, Ebenezer Wheelock
Candidates: Nathaniel NilesDaniel BuckJonathan HuntStephen JacobLewis R. MorrisCornelius LyndePaul BrighamLot HallElijah RobinsonStephen R. BradleySamuel KnightSamuel CutlerReuben AtwaterDaniel FarrandRoyal TylerBenjamin GreenBenjamin HenryOliver GallupJames WhitelawAsa BurtonBenjamin EmmonsIsaac GreenIsrael MoreyWilliam BigelowJohn BridgmanWilliam BuckminsterAlexander HarveyJoseph LewisAlden SpoonerEbenezer Wheelock
Final Result: [1][2][3][4][5]673452235233177100715828171716131211953322221111111
District of Eastern673452235233177100715828171716131211953322221111111
Orange County------------------------------
Town of Fairlee2523-16-----------------2-------
Town of Montpelier17----19------------------------
Town of Newbury-19-3---------10----------------
Town of Randolph52-6313-1----------------------
Town of Saint Johnsbury-19----------------------------
Town of Strafford-34----------------------------
Town of Washington122-------1--------------------
Windham County------------------------------
Town of Guilford--7----1------11-5------114-----
Town of Jamaica-5--------16-------------------
Town of Newfane2-48-1----1--------------------
Town of Putney--43-2-------------------------
Town of Stratton[6]------------------------------
Town of Townshend--525----11-------------------
Town of Wardsboro31-2------1--------------------
Town of Westminster-51022--8-5--13-----------------
Town of Whitingham--15---------------------------
Town of Wilmington32-----------------------------
Windsor County------------------------------
Town of Andover21-----------------------------
Town of Barnard1525-4--4-----------------------
Town of Cavendish19-----------------------------
Town of Chester16-1-18----1-1------------------
Town of Hartland252117---2---------3------------
Town of Reading75-11--63--------------------1-
Town of Rochester-24----------------------------
Town of Royalton18--49--------------------------
Town of Springfield--3-63-------------------------
Town of Windsor262489102-1-------9----22--------
Town of Woodstock17-3717--1-----------------------


[1]Vermont law required a majority to elect for the U.S. House of Representatives. A second ballot would be held on February 10, 1795.
[2]"No Person has a Majority of all the Votes of the Freemen in Said District . . . You are therefore directed to warn all the Freemen of your respective Towns, to meet at the usual Places of holding Town-Meetings, on the Second Tuesday of February next, at two o'Clock P.M. for the Purpose of choosing a Person to represent this State in Congress." Public Papers of Thomas Chittenden. 816-817.
[3]The Official Certified Vote from the Governor's office lists Benjamin Green with 7 votes, but the Spooner's Vermont Journal (Windsor, VT) lists Benjamin Greene with 9 votes in the town of Windsor.
[4]The Official Certified Vote from the Governor's office lists Samuel Knight with 1 vote but the town records of Jamaica list him with 16 votes.
[5]Lot Hall is listed as "Lott Hall" in the Washington Town Proceedings.
[6]"The inhabitants of Stratton tho notified as above, did not so cause to meet nor to choose a Representative to Congress." Stratton Town Records.


Andover Town Records.
Barnard Town Records.
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Springfield Town Records.
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Washington Town Records.
Westminster Town Records.
Whitingham Town Records.
Wilmington Town Records.
Woodstock Town Records.
Broadside of Warrent Declaring a New Election to Be Held in February, 1795. American Antiquarian Society.
The Public Papers of Governor Thomas Chittenden. 816-817.
Spooner's Vermont Journal (Windsor, VT). January 5, 1795.
The Rutland Herald: Or, Vermont Mercury (Rutland, VT). January 12, 1795.
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The Eagle or Dartmouth Centinel (Hanover, NH). January 19, 1795.

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