Vermont 1806 Council of Censors

Council of Censors (State)
Council of Censors
Vermont 1806 Council of Censors
First Ballot
Council of Censors/Council of Censors
Moses Robinson, Mark Richards, James Tarbox, Udney Hay, William Hunter, Samuel Huntington, Thomas Gross, Ezra Butler, John Noyes, Loyal Case, Apollos Austin, Isaiah Fisk, Isaac Clark, Chauncey Langdon, Moses Robinson, Jr., Daniel Chipman, Cornelius Lynde, James Whitelaw, Jonathan Hunt, Henry Olin, Zirah Willoby, Charles Bulkley, Stephen R. Bradley, Benjamin Emmons, Caleb Hendee, Jr., Darius Chipman, Lot Hall, Ebenezer Walbridge, T. Hunter
Candidates: Moses Robinson[1]Mark Richards[2]James Tarbox[3]Udney Hay[4]William Hunter[5]Samuel Huntington[6]Thomas Gross[7]Ezra Butler[8]John Noyes[9]Loyal Case[10]Apollos Austin[11]Isaiah Fisk[12]Isaac Clark[13]Chauncey LangdonMoses Robinson, Jr.Daniel ChipmanCornelius LyndeJames WhitelawJonathan HuntHenry OlinZirah WillobyCharles BulkleyStephen R. BradleyBenjamin EmmonsCaleb Hendee, Jr.Darius ChipmanLot HallEbenezer WalbridgeT. Hunter
Final Result: [14]6452606655895580522652174749455240813992382638053708273824272013188218391768167512861038685625714421
Addison County55353948240353140335745738745234836734323121427242100-235227173145------
Bennington County699702645722518714557515434488506472479207247107231207238-72--------
Town of Bennington[15]1811861721851311841861311331331301311265863-565757----625714421
Caledonia County57750551756150635948742437534333935731117813213911612113113576147102------
Chittenden County6045264994164564574433683162643243032692572481781822311571901395698------
Essex County14912811510210287719152402541258085226781-13999------
Franklin County43839036336638123220826824821521922321121319021440188-201217170133------
Grand Isle County8888707084252224222225212268266-64-6365578------
Orange County7517386927274346385773883623173164083144064042073603903771053712288------
Town of Randolph[16]112113991111109799979895989696----------------
Orleans County2001481421401521287081746761615413877125443462126559295------
Rutland County1049103292484091290383582080378370764268330421123430320147166132160-------
Windham County391350340460368366305342307296245308331366384376305139370390233--------
Windsor County953920800773782905817774701705711602666290233731922642865123527------


[14]Several sources, including the Rutland Herald (Rutland, VT), May 10, the Vermont Centinel (Burlington, VT), May 21, and the Vermont Gazette, an Epitome of the World (Bennington, VT), May 26, report 3998 votes for Loyal Case, 2798 for Chauncey Langdon, and 1279 for Zerah Willoby. The county votes listed, however, add up to 3992 for Loyal Case, 2738 for Chauncey Langdon, and 1286 for Zerah Willoby.
[15]"ELECTION OF CENSORS. We congratulate the friends of liberty on the union of the republicans of Bennington. No exertion was made on their part to influence an elector:--and it is true, that information is so generally disseminated, the voice of the people of Vermont is always correct, when unbiased by local prejudices; and uncorrupted by the fascinating wiles of their enemies. Federalism and Quidism dwindle strangely in this time of Republican apathy and heedlessness. We are unpardonably negligent in most of our elections; but in this case there appears to have been a firm union of republicans in favor of a list of thirteen of the most conspicuous and decided enemies of Governor Tichenor." Vermont Gazette, an Epitome of the World (Bennington, VT). March 31, 1806.
[16]"16 other persons were voted for; the highest of whom had 19 votes, the lowest 2." The Weekly Wanderer (Randolph, VT). March 31, 1806.


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Vermont Centinel (Burlington, VT). May 21, 1806.
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